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What does it mean they do nothing bad?

What does it mean they do nothing bad?

If they can’t do nothing good, then they don’t do anything bad either – this phrase is often used as a definition of the current government, and the authorities even more often use this argument as proof of their moral superiority over the National Movement.

When a girl who disappeared five days ago, whom almost the entire country is looking for, is found dead in her car next to the central highway. And this is done not by law enforcement officials, but by a passing shepherd. When last night the family and close girls, desperate to get at least some help from the police, were forced to block the road in order to somehow force the police to intensify the search for her. When, for the fifth day, they are looking for a missing thirteen-year-old to no avail. When more than a month has passed since the tragedy of Giorgi Shakarashvili, and if it were not for the media, we would not have known even that small part of the information that is known to us today. When Luka Siradze and Demur Sturua die as a result of pressure exerted on them in the police station, and the perpetrators escape punishment. When young patriots are brutally dispersed and their eyes are gouged out. When our citizens are kidnapped almost every day on the line of occupation, and this does not entail any political consequences for the occupying country. When we have been waiting for years for an answer in high-profile cases, including the case of Barbara Rafalyants (murder of a nine-month-old child in Gurjaani in October 2012). When all this happens, it is time to put the question differently – what actions of the authorities led to the fact that our state institutions are on the verge of collapse, citizens are not protected, and trust in the judicial system is melting before our eyes? Their actions led to the fact that we have there is less and less hope of building a legal state. The country is ruled by one person, and by feudal methods. All state institutions serve exclusively his business interests, as a result of which they lose the ability to perform their direct functions. This is not surprising, since the main priority for them is the will of the leader and the party order of “Dream”, and everything else is not so important. As a result, we have institutional destruction, which has become a problem for every citizen of our country, and especially for the unprotected, that is, those who must be protected by state institutions in the first place. Why are you politicizing? Is this a specific case that concerns a child, a young person, occupation, bribe, violence or something else? What does politics or power have to do with it? is the standard reaction of Dream supporters to everything. This is the standard reaction of those citizens who look around fearfully at big and small officials, fearing that if they touch politics, they will be left alone with a soulless, ugly system based on violence. These people believe that the further they stay away from politics, the more they close their eyes so as not to see lawlessness, the tighter they close their ears, the more they will protect themselves and their loved ones. In fact, everything is quite the opposite and security is directly related to politics. Today, unfortunately, with the policy of one person, which is why a citizen of Georgia cannot trust his own state, government, prosecutor’s office, court, parties or other institutions. Meanwhile, in a democratic country. to associate everything with politics is the main privilege of the citizen. This is the only way to force the government to serve the citizen, and not vice versa. Serve everyone, not just the strong. And yes, it is politics, this is the instrument with which a person can protect his freedom and security. And the tragedies that occur almost every day, including today’s tragedy, once again confirm this axiom. I am a journalist, and my task is to tell you in which direction to think, and not what you should think

Giorgi Targamadze, TV channel Formula • ფორმულა

July 23, 2020