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What the US Congress said about Georgia

What the US Congress said about Georgia

I watched the meeting of the committee of the US Congress. The amendments were adopted in such a way that the question of a possible reduction in funding for Georgia did not raise any questions at all for anyone. They mentioned Israel, Palestine, Ukraine, Hungary, Poland, Covid-19, climate change, cyber security, the effectiveness of the work of international organizations and a whole range of issues of international politics. There were heated discussions, disputes on many issues, but we were not even mentioned! That is, our question was passed as obvious, what is there to discuss anyway.

To be honest, this is very unpleasant. It took decades of hard work, enormous resources and efforts to build relations with the United States, and now what? And most importantly why? Why do we have problems where there shouldn’t be problems? Moreover, we do not even fully understand the current situation. We do not understand how big a blow can be for the country what is happening. if someone thinks that the bill will be stopped, he is very mistaken. This bill is not one that will lie on the shelf. but what can really be suspended is the “Act of Support for Georgia”. And also many other bills that are so important for our country.

Although … I almost forgot, it’s all because the committee of the Congress are “friends of Bokeria”, aren’t they?

Тенгиз Пхаладзе (Tengiz Pkhaladze)