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Why should the opposition be at each other’s throats

Why should the opposition be at each other’s throats

It’s been already several months that our organization has been intensively cooperating with all pro-Western political parties in the country. We have already consulted with European Georgia, Strategy of Aghmashenebeli , Lelo, Girchi, Winning Georgia and the Republican Party

Unfortunately, what is happening today in the ranks of the opposition has all the signs of civil confrontation, which is very sad and wrong. First of all, it should be noted that the illusion of an already held victory in the elections and concern exclusively about their own results is extremely dangerous. The confrontation within the opposition is nonsense, especially if we take into account the fact that the state of the Georgian Dream today does not look hopeless at all. If this confrontation between the opposition forces continues, the ruling party will further strengthen its position. The National Movement, the largest and most experienced opposition party, which, logically, should strive to unite the opposition and become its flagship. This should be the main precondition for a change of government. Unfortunately, today we see a very different picture in which emotions prevail over rational actions.

Take, for example, the campaign against Giorgi Vashadze, on which a lot of resources were spent. If the Strategy of Aghmashenebeli rating is only 2 percent, then what’s the problem? And if Vashadze has a growing political rating, then this is even better, since he will add votes to the opposition’s piggy bank. Organizing an election campaign on the basis of a personal vendetta is at least counterproductive. This is now about inter-party relations, but in the end the whole process suffers.

Our organization will continue to support all pro-Western opposition forces, we plan to organize meetings with opposition leaders, continue consultations, and most importantly, we will make every effort to help political parties bring positive change in Georgia. We would very much like to see more mutual understanding and cooperation between the pro-Western opposition parties, because this is critical for the overall victory of the opposition in October.

Нодар Харшиладзе, (Nodar Kharshiladze) Founder of the Georgian Strategic Analysis Center GSAC