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David vs Irakli. Two sides of Georgian opposition.

David vs Irakli. Two sides of Georgian opposition.

I’m confused. Ardent supporters of the UNM were outraged that I no longer support the UNM, they said that all the votes should be put in their basket, because all the other parties are FSB agents and bought by Bidzina …. having made such conclusions, they stated that there were no elections will be, because Bidzina will steal them and a revolution is needed. What a chaos. If Bidzina steals the election, then why worry so much that the votes will go to young and promising parties that are making their way like sprouts through the weed? Go to the street, not to the polls and make a revolution. I explained why I would not vote for the UNM, and did not hear any objections in the essence of the stated claims.

No matter what, “if not them, then who ?!” – is not an argument for me. It is important that promising young parties, oriented towards the future and promising youth, get into parliament. Georgia critically needs a renewal of its political elites, which can be achieved by supporting young parties. Otherwise we will see the parliament usurped by the elders. Give the opportunity to express themselves to young parties, and evaluate their activities. In the end, if you do not get sick with fanaticism, and remain with all the likes / dislikes in sanity, then you can always refuse their support in the future. In any case, not paying attention to the mixture of nonsense mixed with insults emanating from the honorable Facebook members of the UNM, who tell us that Girchi, Agmashenebeli, or Lelo are FSB agents, or at least bought by Bidzina, and other nonsense, from opposition parties, in overall, there is a good chance of becoming the majority.

Probably only for the completely detached, it is still unclear why everyone will have to descend to our mortal land, negotiate and create a single coalition. They will support Saakashvili, so be it, personally, I really look forward to his real appearance in Georgian politics. I don’t see any cons, but I see pros. For the development of the country, a change of power is needed, let this change take place. For the development of the country, the political class must be renewed. For the development of the country, responsible parties are needed, responsible leaders who are responsible for their words, first of all, to their supporters.

For the development of the country, a lively policy is needed, live parties with a constant process of self-reform, with primaries and open doors for young and promising, and not old men barricaded behind two doors. For the development of the country, society needs to get out of the waiting mode for a new Ayatollah, or a messiah who will come and fix everything. For the development of the country, a formed view of the future is necessary, and not a look at the past. Vote for the young and give them a chance!

Давид Джапаридзе (David Japaridze)

Putin’s political operatives work great. They fool the Georgians in full. Perfectly draw off votes from those who really pose a threat to their occupation administration. We have created dozens of parties for every taste! 51 parties are participating! Do you want Georgian democracy? Here’s democracy. Choose from a huge number of shit varieties that you like. Each turd is packed beautifully and looks inviting. When you bring it closer to your nose, only then will you feel the smell of Russian footcloths. But it will be too late.

UPD. Some behave as if a de-occupation has already taken place, but democracy has already been established in Georgia and you can afford to be a political gourmet and choose a party that suits our delicate spiritual needs in all respects. Putin is simply mocking us, and you are playing his games. But one more such “election” and the game will end. Ivanishvili after 12 years of power will be worse than Lukashenko after 26. What do you people think about? Are you going to get rid of this or do you just want your like-minded politician to sit in parliament? Well, Ivanishvili will give him a place there and what? Will you be satisfied that he will just sit there and just chat? What is your goal? So that your Girchi or Agmashenebeli senselessly run in parliament for 4 years? I believe that the goal should be regime change, getting rid of the occupation administration right now, at the end of October. And what do you want?

Ираклий Мирианашвили (Irakli Mirianashvili)