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Valeriy Chechelashvili: Borders should not be redrawn, but erased

Valeriy Chechelashvili: Borders should not be redrawn, but erased

I would like to address my friends and acquaintances in Azerbaijan and Armenia: do everything to end the war. Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan joined the UN and became members of the OSCE with internationally recognized borders, having ratified the relevant international documents.

These boundaries should not be redrawn, but erased. Both Armenians and Azerbaijanis should live happily and safely in Nagorno-Karabakh. During the two world wars of the last century, hundreds of thousands of German and French soldiers and officers were killed in the battles for Alsace and Lorraine. Today no one notices this border. This is an example for the South Caucasus. The future of a united and prosperous South Caucasus lies in its Europeanization. Both Azerbaijanis and Armenians, as well as Georgians, are European nations, not Eurasian.

The key to stability, security and integration lies in European values, traditions, criteria and principles of cooperation. This is the only way to create a solid foundation for the peace and prosperity of future generations. I understand that such a position requires civic courage, political decisiveness and a complex diplomatic game from politicians. But we must go for this. Because whoever declares himself the winner in the war, this will only be the next chapter in the history of the conflict.

Валерий Чечелашвили, (Valeriy Chechelashvili) Leading Expert of the Foundation for Strategic and International Studies, Former General Secretary of GUAM and Ambassador of Georgia to Ukraine