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Moscow special operation or about David Gareji again

Moscow special operation or about David Gareji again

… “Thanks to a successful special operation in Moscow, carried out on the personal initiative and participation of Bidzina Ivanishvili himself, we managed to obtain unique maps and archival materials, thanks to which we will be able to return that part of the territory of the David Gareji monastery complex that was sold or transferred to Azerbaijan as corrupt, immoral, manic, evil and comical government led by 35-fold dictator Mikhail Saakashvili and his National Movement “… No, these are not the words of the hero of the Bollywood movie, it was said by none other than the former Prime Minister and the current Defense Minister Irakli Garibashvili.

Once again, Gharibashvili enthusiastically accuses Saakashvili, declaring his government anti-national and criminal. But now betrayal and the requirement to ban the National Movement as a political party are added to this – “When any organization is accused of high treason or the transfer of territory to a foreign state, this should become the basis for banning this organization as a political party”

The Minister of Defense in the role of a hawk is not new and even quite natural. True, in normal countries, the aggressive rhetoric of the defense minister is always directed against external enemies and threats to the country. Everything in our country is exactly the opposite, it is when national interests are sacrificed to fight political opponents using hate speech and compromising evidence. And this happens when the Minister of Defense did not say a word about the creeping occupation and about the citizens of Georgia who were kidnapped and tortured by the invaders.

The demand to ban the National Movement is not new at all. For many years the pro-Russian “Alliance of Patriots” does not get tired of repeating this. They even brought this issue to a sitting of parliament, although there it was blocked by the deputies of Dream itself. And today the Dream is repeating the path of its ideological associates, who, though more radical in their statements, are. but essentially no different from the ruling party. It is clear that the main goal of the “case of cartographers” is to create additional motivation for the electorate of the ruling party, which, against the background of an unprecedented aggravation of social problems, is rapidly losing this very motivation. In such a situation, the authorities are even trying to expand their electorate, winning over to their side Russian sympathizers who traditionally vote for the Alliance of Patriots. And this means that the Dream is struggling , and today every percent is important for them. But there is practically no chance that a voter who stands up for democratic values ​​and a pro-Western orientation of the country will vote for them. That is why Gharibashvili became Ivanishvili’s main hero.

As for the accusations of Gharibashvili, it really looks like high treason, but one should ask – this is a betrayal on whose side? Who is really betraying the country and who is carrying out a special operation, Tbilisi in Moscow or Moscow in Tbilisi? This is the government that released Shkrylnikov and a whole team of agents from Moscow, which, through a court completely subordinate to the Minister of Justice Tea Tsulukiani, threw in jail almost everyone with whom the Kremlin had its own scores. It lit the green light for Russian killers to hunt for those who resisted Russian aggression against Georgia. In fear of the Maidan, she did not support Ukraine at home, but she enjoyed drinking champagne with the Orthodox communist Gavrilov under the country’s coat of arms. This is the power that disabled young people who protested against the insult of the honor and dignity of the country. The power under which Russian organizations in the country grow like mushrooms, the country has again become hostage to the Russian energy sector. It is with them that the appetites of the neighboring country, which is gnawing away more and more kilometers of our land, are growing by leaps and bounds. And they have not yet joined the sanctions of the civilized world against Russia. And it was they who completely lost the trust of the West, drove the process of integration with NATO and the European Union into a dead end, and made emigration the only chance for Georgians to live in the European Union. The list goes on …

You had to be blind not to notice that the active phase of this special operation began several months ago. Even the Ambassador of the United States, surprised by our infantilism, found it necessary to warn that Russia plans to actively interfere in the elections in Georgia. Moreover, through the Alliance of Patriots and with the full connivance of the authorities, the Kremlin is conducting large-scale sociological research in the country.

More than half a million of our citizens have already been interviewed. There is practically no family left in Georgia in which they would not have called at least one of the family members. With a high degree of probability, we can assume that the database of these conversations is already at the disposal of the Russian special services. And these very special services know perfectly well what we love and what we don’t, that is, what we will react to most painfully. Thus, Moscow keeps its finger on the pulse of the country’s population, and they do not need to conduct military operations at all, they carry out a special operation to weaken and destroy our country with our own hands.

Surely you have already guessed that it is the “case of cartographers”, in other words, “the case of the traitors to the Motherland”, is part of this very special operation. And while the Georgian Dream enthusiastically fertilizes the soil on which the weeds are cultivated to create the image of an enemy from the opposition, Moscow, which needs not neighbors and partners, but vassals and slaves, is working to fulfill its strategic tasks: the destruction of the trilateral Turkey-Georgia-Azerbaijan format , since this format destroys the Russian hegemony of the uncontested supplier of energy resources for Europe. Destruction of relations between Azerbaijan and Georgia, and the ground for this has already been prepared by the “business of cartographers”, which is understandable. When your partner is at war, and you declare him a country that steals your lands, this means that in the future, not only will it be very difficult to agree on the issue of David Gareji, but in general, strategic partnership may be in question.

The second task is to cast a shadow on the patriarchate, to discredit the institution of the Church. It is difficult to doubt the sincerity of the monk Kyrion or other ordinary servants of the Church when they defend the controversial site of the monastery complex. However, the problem is that these people, as part of the special operation of the Russian special services, they act as unwitting allies of the authorities, which makes them participants in the dirty election campaign of Dreams.

And in conclusion, the fact that Georgia cannot get out of the vicious circle of electoral provocations and stuffing of compromising evidence, radical polarization and hate speech is an extremely negative signal for our Western partners. They really did their best to take us out of this circle and return the title of “beacon of democracy”. The country is moving back to the scoop at a pace that the enemy can only dream of. And what could happen next is well known to everyone – chaos, disorganization and already the dream of a firm hand according to Moscow patterns.

We still have a chance to send another signal, and not so much to our Western partners as to ourselves.

Giorgi Targamadze, “Droeba”, Tv-channel Formula