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Covid- opinions from Georgia and not only

Covid- opinions from Georgia and not only

Over the past day, 1192 new cases of the virus in Georgia (total – 18663 cases), 8 people died (in total – 143 people)

This is not the second wave, but the first. The virus gave us a head start and every opportunity to prepare. Instead of preparing, our government bounced around the screens, puffed up its eyes and fanned out its fingers. They still make a grimace in front of television cameras and announce that they are ready.

And I’m sure that they are ready, it just needs to be clarified for what.

Мамука Гамкрелидзе (Mamuka Gamkrelidze) from Georgia

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You surely remember this time:

when we used to close down Marneuli several times a month,

when we thought the coronavirus hit Iran hardest,

when the statistics of Armenia used to surprise us

when some explained our low statistics by genetics, others – by xenophobic statements that we wash our hands, but other people do not,

when we thought our government was the most effective government in the world, at least in the fight against covid.

I vaguely remember too

Саломе Угулава (Salome Ugulava) from Georgia

The “draconian measures” just announced by Prime Minister Conte turned out to be not so draconian. Catering establishments can operate from five in the morning to midnight. There are no more than six people at each table. Universities are advised to start classes no earlier than nine in the morning (so that the flows of students on the streets do not coincide with the flow of schoolchildren and employees of enterprises) and transfer part of the classes to a distance format. Any congresses, conventions, conferences, local holidays and fairs fall under the ban. National and international fairs are allowed. Amateur sports are prohibited, there are no competitions, children’s and youth football, basketball and volleyball schools are suspended. But the government has decided not to close the gyms and swimming pools yet, within a week a total check of these establishments will be carried out, after which a separate decision will be made for each. Enterprises have been asked to transfer 50 percent of office workers to telecommuting. Mayors of cities are allowed after 21.00 to close the entrance to those streets and squares where a lot of people traditionally gather in order to spend their leisure time. That’s all.

Андрей Мальгин (Andrey Malgin) from Italy

132 new cases in Greater Tokyo on Sunday. ‘Greater’ Tokyo is the largest metropolis in the world with a population of 38 million people. ‘Small’ Tokyo -15 million population. There are 24 cases. In all of Japan there are 431 cases per 128 million population.

Why? Yes, because the Japanese often wash their hands, like everything else.

Сергей Корсунский (Sergey Korsunskiy) from Japan