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Five more questions on covid to the Prime Minister of Georgia

Five more questions on covid to the Prime Minister of Georgia

I will allow myself to formulate my own 5 questions to the Prime Minister of Georgia.

1.What does the graph of the function e to the power of x look like?

2. What is the derivative of the exponent?

3. Has the prime minister seen the SEIR model forecast for Georgia in the absence of measures and testing?

4. I would ask him to solve the problem. Country X has 900 beds available for the treatment of disease Y. Every day, 700 new patients enter the health care system, 20% of whom require a bed. How many days will the beds end? (At such short time intervals, to estimate the upper limit, the addition of patients can be considered constant).

5. And the most important question. How many handshakes away from him is there a person who can answer all questions in 10 seconds? But this should not be a dude from the category: “Bring me a nerd, he will count”, but a person whom the prime minister listens to.

Please do not consider this an arrogant statement as if everyone should know the answers to these questions. I do not think so. But I think that the prime minister of a country that is in an economic and epidemiological crisis should understand what he is dealing with.

One gets the impression that the system is already in such a deep anabiosis that they do not know what they are doing and saying. They bury their heads in the sand and think they will carry them. Shall not carry. And I’m not talking about elections now. By all indications, we will be the “Bergamo” of the second wave. Probably worse. It’s already boiling a little, so I would ask these questions from the opposition candidates to prime minister.

Тамаз Хунджуа, (Tamaz Khunjua) Georgian Center for Political Analysis