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Five questions the opposition must ask the prime minister

Five questions the opposition must ask the prime minister

At a meeting with representatives of big business, Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia noted that the country’s economy no longer has the resources for tough restrictions, since the closure will lead to loss of jobs, decrease in economic activity, and so on. “We have succeeded in the first wave, both epidemiologically and economically, compared to others. Resources for economic stimulation next year will be very limited, and we will have to decide together where we will use this resource, both in terms of aid and development, ”said the Prime Minister.

правительство Грузии (Georgian government)

I definitely believe that there are no resources, but everything else raises a number of questions:

  1. Did our economy have resources last spring, when the lockdown was announced? What percentage of the country’s population had savings in order to survive several months of forced inactivity?
  2. If we succeeded in the first wave both from an epidemiological and from an economic point of view, then why do we have such a situation with the covid and with the economy? Or is the prime minister telling us that it’s good now and it’s going to be even worse in the future?
  3. How much money was borrowed, what was it spent on, how much is left, and what is the government going to spend what is left on?
  4. Over the months of lockdown, have effective opening protocols been developed and to what extent have those protocols been followed this summer?
  5. The government takes responsibility for the possible consequences of holding elections in such an epidemiological situation, and in what form is the government ready to take responsibility for this in the event of a sharp deterioration in the epidemiological situation?