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Military medicine is a necessary element of saving the country

Military medicine is a necessary element of saving the country

Today, the situation with the exacerbation of the Covid-19 epidemic has raised the issue of ensuring basic medical safety of the population.

Analyzing the emergencies that occurred throughout the entire period of Georgia’s independence – wars, natural disasters, epidemics, the conclusion involuntarily suggests itself that it is necessary to create a structure capable of withstanding these challenges with a sufficient degree of efficiency in protecting the health and life of the population and the army.

Such a structure is usually military medicine, like emergency medicine of any kind. It is characterized by autonomy in management, efficiency and specific training of personnel, for whom extreme working conditions are routine. In the case of Georgia, this system should not be reanimated or restored, but built from scratch, due to its complete destruction in previous years and its current formal existence.

In addition to what’s stated above, the following divisional structure can be proposed:

  • Central Military Medical Directorate under the General Staff.
  • Military Medical Academy with faculties of training doctors, nurses, paramedics and medical instructors, with teaching in English.
  • Central military hospital in Tbilisi for 1000 beds with the material and technical capabilities of deploying 3 or 4 field hospitals with 500 beds each.
  • Two regional hospitals with 500 beds each in Kutaisi and Batumi, with the capacity to deploy 2-3 500 bed field hospitals.
  • A medical mobile battalion with separate hospital support companies.
  • Two military transport aircrafts – a flying hospital and a support aircraft.
  • Helicopter support team.
  • Vehicle fleets at hospitals and medical battalion
  • A naval hospital – a ship with the appropriate equipment.
  • Mobile laboratories for chemical, biological and radiation protection.
  • Warehouses of medical equipment and medicines.

Such a structure can allow military and humanitarian operations to be carried out both in the territory of the country and abroad. In peacetime, hospitals can operate as regular clinics, accepting both military personnel and civilians for treatment on general terms. The central hospital becomes a training clinical base for the military medical academy.

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