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The main result of yesterday’s events in Zugdidi

The main result of yesterday’s events in Zugdidi

-Everything ended just fine, which means everyone is happy

-the hostages are free, which means they are happy

-the police say that it was she who freed the hostages, which means the police are happy

-the terrorist disappeared with the money and something tells me that he is also satisfied

-the opposition is satisfied, because the authorities once again showed the highest level of professionalism of the authorities, just before the elections

-the authorities are happy at least with the fact that there was a ‘Natsi’ among the hostages and we can safely talk about the trail of the UNM

– one opposition TV channel was once again happy to demonstrate examples of high professionalism, and those who are for the authorities (even if they hide it) were happy to kick this TV channel, forgetting that they might need them tomorrow, if they for instance, or their loved ones become hostages themselves.

Conclusion – after this event, the happiness index in the country increased

Гела Васадзе, (Gela Vasadze) Georgian Strategic Analysis Center, GSAC