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Events in Zugdidi – thousands of trolls and not a single press attaché

Events in Zugdidi – thousands of trolls and not a single press attaché

The events in Zugdidi are an excellent indicator of our power.
We have witnessed unimaginable chaos and a disgraceful political scoring campaign.

To begin with, all such operations must have a press attaché, that is, an officer in charge of public relations. These people work in the press relations departments of ministries, often they are former journalists trained to work during the crisis, and our western partners have repeatedly conducted trainings on similar topics. The function of these people is to work with the press at such moments, periodic briefings on what is happening, instructions on what is allowed and what is not, as well as constant contact with representatives of the press. A reliable channel of communication with the media is primarily in the interests of the security forces themselves. In a normal system, the press is your ally, not your enemy, it helps and covers you.

What did we see yesterday? Instead of liaison officers and briefings for journalists, an incompetent idiot appeared on the screens, who threatened to turn off the TV. The second idiot, who is on the board of Channel One, wrote a Facebook post on the social network that surpasses even his own idiocy in scale. And to top it all off, the government trolls launched a campaign of accusations against their political opponents. That is, the entire information policy of the authorities is thousands of trolls and not a single normal press attaché.

Complete Chaos.
Thanks to Mr. Ivanishvili

Нодар Харшиладзе, (Nodar Kharshiladze) Georgian Strategic Analysis Center, GSAC