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Opinions on the Zugdidi hostage-taking

Opinions on the Zugdidi hostage-taking

The hostage who contacted the media is the most vulnerable in this situation, since it is him who is used by the hostage-taker for communication, and shows more “interest” in him than in anyone else. A psycho-portrait of an armed man, no one knows his real intentions, so it is very dangerous, not to mention a campaign launched to discredit the hostage and focus on his political affiliation.

Now the most important thing is the life and safety of the hostages and law enforcement officers. Inappropriate coverage of events, incorrect placement of accents can have dire consequences. Let us stand in solidarity with innocent people and their families, regardless of our political views.

Нино Ломджария , (Nino Lomjaria) Public Defender of Georgia

All those who now seriously declare that the bank robbery and hostage-taking in Zugdidi is a performance staged by UNM are not just idiots, but completely immoral and dangerous for society idiots. And those of you who do not believe in this, but nevertheless declare this, since you are “in a state of war with the UNM”, are also completely immoral and dangerous for society, you are just idiots. This is my comment, and the comment is very correct and moderate.

Давид Зурабишвили (David Zurabishvili)

If I am asked to show with a specific example why the ruling Georgian Dream is an evil, polarizing, inhuman, revanchist political force, I will give today’s example. They launched a campaign to accuse the hostage, I repeat the hostage (!), Based on his political views. They are incredibly disgusting.

Саломе Угулава (Salome Ugulava)

I was ten minutes away from being held hostage as well, and if I were held hostage, I would also write to Mtavari TV. Why? Because! Because despite the fact that I don’t like a lot on this channel, I know for sure that in such a situation they will do everything possible and impossible to convey the truth.

Гоча Мирцхулава (Gocha Mirtskhulava)

Well, let’s say they found these millions and gave them to the terrorist, so what? How will he handle them? Does he even know how much it weighs? Does he have an offshore account? How would he get out of there?

We Georgians always stumble upon specifics. This applies to a criminal, a politician, a media representative, and a writer. In general, what is happening in Zugdidi today is a performance that perfectly reflects all the events in Georgia over the past eight years.

Нодар Ладария (Nodar Ladaria)

The terrorist from Zugdidi demands the “restoration of legitimate authority.” This weirdo, let him wait ten days, we will all vote for the “Path of Zviad” and restore legal power by satisfying his demands.

Торнике Шарашенидзе (Tornike Sharashenidze)