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What we saw in Zugdidi

What we saw in Zugdidi
  1. The robber is a professional military or law enforcement officer;

2. The plan is well prepared. Everything is calculated in detail, including the possibility of making adjustments along the way

3. We do not know if he had accomplices among the bank employees, hostages and law enforcement officers;

4. The amount required has been accurately calculated. It is quite easy to organize such an amount of cash and does not require much time, and most importantly, it is easy to take out and even run with this amount in the forest;

5. I think the pursuit operation was poorly conducted. I could be wrong, but in a few hours it was possible to calculate probable departure routes, organize observation with the help of drones, set up posts in settlements and on roads, chase dogs in the forest, etc. Perhaps all this was done, but then by by this time the robber should have been caught. He’s not invisible, and hiding in the provinces is much more difficult than in a big city.

Мамука Гамкрелидзе (Mamuka Gamkrelidze)