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Covid, war, crisis, elections. What to do?

Covid, war, crisis, elections. What to do?

Covid, war at hand, crisis, crime, elections – a gorgeous set. What are they afraid of and what to do? To begin with, they are afraid of everything, for a mentally healthy person cannot but be afraid of something that directly threatens the life and well-being of him and his loved ones. With a question – what to do, an ambush. Most often you hear – well, what can you do here. and not quite so, let’s discuss this point by point.

Covid is not a medical topic, that is, medical only in terms of treatment, and here the opinion of exclusively leading specialists in a particular field of medicine and pharmaceuticals is important. It is necessary to put filters on information, to say to myself, I am not a virologist with a worldwide name, not a pharmacist and not a specialist in the treatment of such diseases, therefore I need information, but it is information, not information garbage. Putting the right filters is perhaps the hardest part. Second, it makes no sense to pay attention to the numbers, it is clear that our situation is out of control, and how the exhibitor will grow is no longer important. Another thing is important. Due to the fact that the health care system is in crisis and will inevitably collapse, prepare yourself for the treatment of covid at home. How to do this I am not ready to answer due to the fact that I am not an expert in this field. But this can and should be done, of course, after carefully studying the issue. Will help? Not a fact, but what will increase the chances is for sure. I really hope that handy app will appear soon that will help.

War is something that we definitely can’t do anything about, but there are several important points here. Firstly, in no case should we be hysterical about the fact that now the Russians will attack us in order to break through a corridor to Armenia. They will not attack. Secondly, do not repeat the nonsense about the imminent invasion of Syrian, Kurdish, Armenian, Turkish and other terrorists. This is replicated by the parties for a specific purpose. Thirdly, do not be offended when they write badly about us, this is done by very stupid people who harm their country first of all. Fourthly, not to try to convey your position to friends and acquaintances in Armenia and Azerbaijan, they now have everything naked like a nerve, so it is pointless, and offend a person you will offend. Fourth, if you have friends, Armenians and Azerbaijanis living in Georgia, you just need to talk to them. They are the very chance that someday we will have peace in the region.

Crisis – in fact, the crisis is already underway and will only get worse. We already know for sure that the next winter – spring will be very difficult. What to do? Probably stock up on essential products while paying attention to the conditions of their storage. A kind of emergency reserve will definitely not hurt anyone. even if everything is very good with your finances. You just always have to rely on extreme options, we already went through this in the early nineties. Logistics disruptions and full lockdowns are possible, so stock, if possible, is needed. The second, sadly enough, again returning to the experience of the nineties, is to try to create systems of autonomous housing support. For some, these systems have been preserved since the nineties, for those who do not (and I do not), it is worth thinking about having them. Just in case. Third, if you are doing well with your money, make a list of people you can help in some way. Neighbors, friends, relatives – no matter how many, if the majority have this, we will more easily get out of the crisis. And the last, according to the logic of the nineties, it would make sense to take money out of the bank and keep cash in the house, but now this logic does not work, or rather, everything is exactly the opposite. Losing money in a home today is easier than losing money in a bank (see next paragraph). If you are an entrepreneur, it makes sense to think about how to adapt your business to new conditions or invest in a new, more relevant one. I understand that many will now have a reaction – here’s the smartest one. without him, we would not have guessed. Of course, you would have guessed, and I also don’t know how to do it. But we already live in a world where information exchange solves the most difficult problems. Let’s try to think together, maybe we’ll come up with something.

Crime – here, too, the range of possible preventive measures is very limited, but it is there. I have already written about cash at home above. Moreover, if there is something really valuable, it is better to put it in a safe deposit box, so it will be safer. I think it is not worth repeating elementary safety rules, as well as the fact that special attention should be paid to children, not school and preschool age, but young people, who, incidentally, grew up under the bloody regime of the nationals, when cars did not close, and for the most part is deprived of that antifragility (Talleb’s term), which we had, who passed the late Sowing version of the street and further all the charms of the nineties. About weapons – despite the fact that I am a supporter of legalization, I will not buy it myself for a number of reasons. First, I don’t know how to handle them. And secondly, and this is the main thing, I am definitely not ready to take sin on my soul and kill the robber. It is another matter if, in the event of a complete collapse of the system, it is necessary to create self-defense units in the area. Then it will be necessary, although I really hope that it will not come to this

Elections – and here everything is as easy as shelling pears, if you want the government to change, you need not only to go to the elections, but to urge everyone possible to go to the elections all day. There are as many tools as you like – phone calls, posts on Facebook, messages on whatsapp and other messengers, up to personal harassment of neighbors and friends on the street. At the same time, if you do not want to ruin everything, you should be encouraged to vote for any party from the opposition, well, except for the Alliance of Patriots and the Georgian March, of course. The answer is so obvious, many, and I suspect that many of your acquaintances under no circumstances will vote for UNM, European Georgia, Laborist, Vashadze, and so on. You will urge to vote for one of them specifically can be sent, if not explicitly, then at least in the shower. And if you get it with the requirement to go to vote for anyone, the likelihood that they will be sent is much less. However, you can choose not to do this and help the authorities stay.

Most importantly:

  • don’t cause drama
  • rely only on yourself and your loved ones
  • share ideas as much as possible

Гела Васадзе (Gela Vasadze)