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Everyman, power and elections. The instinct of self-preservation.

Everyman, power and elections. The instinct of self-preservation.

I am an everyman … an ordinary average citizen of Georgia, a dreamer, a little nostalgic for the Soviet past, watching with one eye what the government is doing, tired of unemployment or being disappointed in everything from idleness. Nevertheless, I believe that the government should think for me, work for me and provide me with a piece of bread. The main thing is that I have hope that I will somehow make it to the end of the month and my family will not go hungry. And the most important thing is that no one touches me, and that the situation does not worsen, not that it gets better, if only it does not get worse, because it is already a death by starvation that is worse.

Many people in this poor country think so: a thousand, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and today, probably, a million. It is on people like them that the “system”, the system of government in our country has always stood. That is, power has always rested on those who are ready to leave the bad out of fear of the worst. However, if an ordinary person who approached the ballot box saw and believed in a better future, or realized that the worst is inevitable under the current regime, he will not hesitate for a second to vote against the government.

When layman abandoned Shevardnadze in favor of Saakashvili, he was already standing with one foot in the swamp of complete hopelessness and perfectly understood that he would not be able to stand on one leg for long. Yes, the layman looked at Saakashvili with suspicion, but the alternative was Shevardnadze, and the layman knew for sure that Shevardnadze was evil. Misha embarked on radical reforms: soon crime and corruption were eliminated, and a polite patrol in a modern uniform replaced the greasy-smiling policeman. Electricity and gas appeared, lari stabilized, state institutions began to work as state institutions, and the state became a state. All this, perhaps, did not particularly affect the pocket of the layman, but the general mood changed, a prospect appeared. The best perspective on life is not only for the elite, but for everyone. So if on many occasions the National Movement has abused its power; the court and the prosecutor’s office were under the total control of the authorities, disobedient businessmen, politicians and others were treated unfairly, someone was deprived of business, someone was imprisoned, someone was tortured, the average person was not interested in this, since it did not concern him personally. Perhaps he was even pleased with what was happening, as he believed that these people had acquired property or privileges undeservedly and unfairly …

However, later, the layman saw that the scale of injustice was expanding, and if the injustice did not reach him, then it got to his neighbor for sure. I saw people being beaten with truncheons, shooting at them with rubber bullets, how not only large companies are fined, but also small shops. The man in the street has a strong feeling that they will get to him a little more, and it does not matter whether he is guilty or not.

And at this time Ivanishvili appears, a billionaire and philanthropist, who promises to give everything to everyone. “This is who will help me, this is who will save me,” thought the man in the street. I thought and believed. I believed that in the first year it will be difficult, in the second it will be easier, in the third it will be good, but in the fourth year the Swedes will start to envy us. I believed in interest-free money, a hundred factories, full employment and falling prices for everything. Well, how could you not believe it, after all, it was Saakashvili who put money in his pocket from every liter of gasoline and from every chicken leg. How not to believe that now everything will be different. Why is there a layman, even business believed in it and froze in anticipation of the renaissance.

However, almost immediately something went wrong. The new government threw politicians and representatives of the former government into jail, subordinated the court and the prosecutor’s office, and itself began to terrorize business more than ever. Further more, they curtailed reforms, returned corruption, crime like weeds littered the whole country, which began to rapidly lose signs of statehood and turn into the fiefdom of one person. However, this did not bother the layman a little, because it did not concern him personally. and the belief in that. that someday, let not today, let tomorrow, this government will fulfill its promise of free money and a carefree life. But alas, in practice everything turned out to be quite different. Very soon our man in the street experienced a rise in prices, not in his own skin. falling lari, job cuts, rampant crime and other almost forgotten delights. However, he did not know. that all this was just a saying, the tale was ahead. And if I had guessed, I would never have exchanged my future for 5 kilograms of potatoes received from the caring government in the last parliamentary elections. In the second term of Dreams, the man in the street was hit on the head with a truncheon and a rubber bullet in the face. Crime and robbery have become a daily occurrence, and if the previous government took something away from the elites, then under the conditions of power “according to concepts” from Ivanishvili at any time they can and is taken away from the average person. A robber with equal zeal is robbing Tsikolia’s boutique and Tsikolidze’s store.

And here is our layman with a temperature of 41, calling the ambulance, hoping. that she would come someday. He remembers that the refrigerator is empty, one neighbor is in self-isolation, another is in an infectious disease, and the third, alas, has already died of covid, lies and realizes that he can no longer treat this “with understanding”. He cannot understand why he should be sensitive to the fact that the refrigerator is empty, the neighbor died without receiving help. He cannot accept with understanding that tomorrow he will be left without work, tomorrow his cafe will be robbed, which will be doomed to death by starvation, just like a million people like him.

But the layman understands something else well – it’s time to say no to the billionaire. The majority of ordinary people, even today, do not know in favor of whom, and it does not matter. the elementary instinct of self-preservation prompts our inhabitant to do just that. And the average man understands this very well. It remains only to find out whether Ivanishvili understands this?

Георгий Таргамадзе, (Giorgi Targamadze) “Droeba”, Tv- channel ‘Formula’