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Theses of the program “Strength in Unity”

Theses of the program “Strength in Unity”

General plan. Rich Georgia. Strong family

Today Georgia is a country full of hardships, injustice, hopelessness, tired of hatred, lost faith and sense of pride, lost hope for the future and sense of statehood.

We are at a historic crossroads – either we are moving into the future, we are taking a step forward and creating a rich Georgia with strong families and happy and successful people, or we are stuck in the past.

October 31 is not an ordinary election, we do not elect another parliament and government, we elect a government that must fulfill our historic mission – to create a rich Georgia, a strong family.

Our vision of rich Georgia:

  • All family members have full access to work, education, health, leisure and entertainment, their future is optimistic, full of hope and promising
  • Children’s right to harmonious development is protected, they are unfamiliar with hunger and deprivation. Students are taught by qualified and highly paid teachers, and they study in Western educational programs. Each school has modern technology, laboratories and a rich library necessary for the development of the child. All opportunities have been created for a teenager to become a free, active, responsible and promising citizen. There are no street fights, knives and firearms in the school and in the country.
  • Students receive a quality education, use modern laboratories and technologies, participate in international research, and do not constantly think about paying for tuition. Young people communicate with friends at any time of the day in a safe environment and do not shy away from inviting peers due to lack of money, do not run away to other countries in search of prospects and ways to realize their talents, are not afraid to start a family and have children
  • Parents have a good job, they do not need to look for hard work in another country, they are not afraid to let their children out on the street. They focus on the prospects of family and children, not on the search for food, medicine and clothing.
  • Pensioners have a decent pension and are cared for by qualified doctors. Medicines and medical services are available to them; They enjoy the success and happiness of their families. Older people do not feel that they are burdening their children and grandchildren
  • The government does not interfere in the lives of citizens, it firmly defends citizen freedom, privacy, the rule of law and justice. Private property is protected, the private entrepreneur is not under pressure. Family safety and peace of mind
  • Everyone equally has the opportunity to succeed, there are no privileged, dominant clans and groups, nepotism and bribery are unacceptable
  • Power unites, does not divide, does not incite disputes and discord. She cares equally for her supporters and opponents, team members and opponents
  • The opposition is strong and effectively controls the government; Criticism is not perceived as hostility, dissent and diversity are encouraged
  • Being in power is a responsibility, not a privilege. The government does not shy away from this responsibility and does not try to blame others for failure. It serves people, not vice versa

Rich Georgia is, first of all, an integral part of the Euro-Atlantic family, a united and peaceful state, because without peace it is impossible to implement any of the above points.

In Georgia, it is necessary to realize once and for all the irreversibility of justice. We have already gained enough experience in this area and must learn the necessary lessons.

Nine Steps to Justice:

In areas where we deserve fair criticism for overly harsh policies, significant shortcomings and mistakes, or lack of proper political will, we will definitely make the following radical changes:

  1. Police, both patrol and criminal, will be completely depoliticized.
  2. The Department of Corrections will be removed from the Ministry of Justice.
  3. The prosecutor’s office will be divided into two departments: the General Prosecutor’s Office and the Prosecutor’s Office for Civil Cases.
  4. Forensic Bureau will be transformed into an independent agency
  5. The Ombudsman and Chairman of the Parliamentary Human Rights Committee will be elected by the opposition.
  6. The state security service will be abolished – there should be no more, even minor questions about the use of state bodies for political purposes. We must close this painful topic once and for all and leave it in the past. There will be no more political police in Georgia. The counterintelligence and counter-terrorism services will be transferred to the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
  7. The so-called “keys to wiretapping” will be transferred to the jurisdiction of an independent court, and the Ombudsman will receive full and unlimited control over this issue.
  8. The financial police must be abolished. We do not need an armed law enforcement structure to control private entrepreneurs and businessmen. Most tax offenses will be decriminalized, and detention as a preventive measure and punishment for these crimes will be abolished
  9. The failure of the judicial reform has become a bitter lesson for us. After the change of power, our elected judges began to persecute us politically. Reform must be pursued on the basis of a broad political consensus. Agreements we have reached through open and transparent discussions with political parties include: appointment of foreign judges to higher courts, election of judges, creation of a separate system for commercial disputes, expansion of jury jurisdiction, reform of the Council of Justice, unconditional protection of property and other rights

We, the citizens of Georgia, must agree with the fundamental values and principles of Georgia’s development. All who have the desire and will to participate in the exciting and proud process of rebuilding the country will definitely find their place.

We deeply believe that together we can bring about these vital changes. We may have different political positions, but we are all children of one country and we have one historical goal – to make Georgia a state of happy people.

Find yourself in the master plan

For all families:

  • 300 000 new workplaces
  • 2000 Gel- average salary
  • More than universal health – halving drug prices, free screenings, and improving universal health services
  • Doubling funding for children’s education
  • Cancellation of income tax – more money for families

Children and students

  • Voucher for preschool education for 1500 GEL – increase in funding
  • 2000 GEL school voucher – triple funding
  • state grant 4500 GEL – doubling the funding
  • three times more students will receive 100% state scholarship
  • 1000 GEL for the third and each subsequent newborn


  • Pension 400 GEL or more
  • Establishment of shelter houses for retirees who have been left without a home in cooperation with local government bodies

Socially vulnerable families

  • 100 GEL for each member of each family up to 200,000 points. All socially unprotected people will receive assistance for two years after they are employed.
  • Free healthcare and education for every socially disadvantaged family

Internally displaced persons

  • increase of monthly financial assistance to 200 GEL
  • providing housing for each family of internally displaced persons for 12 months

War veterans and persons with disabilities

  • monthly aid to war veterans will amount to 200 GEL.
  • full involvement of people with disabilities in the decision-making process and adaptation of public infrastructure to their needs

Economy and investment

  • Low interest rates at the level of European banks 
  • One billion dollars of foreign investment in the Georgian economy
  • 300 thousand new jobs
  • Lazika – $ 3.5 billion investment, free economic zone and multicurrency regime
  • Free trial and legal ownership

Tax reform

  • Georgia is the first single tax country in Europe – income taxes, income tax and dividends will be abolished
  • The simplest tax system in Europe – 2/3 of the Tax Code will be canceled

Technological government

  • Georgia is the country with the smallest transparent e-government in Europe
  • Dynamic, citizen-centered public services such as the Houses of Justice
  • Corruption – 0!


  • Election of the heads of the prosecutor’s office with the full participation of non-governmental organizations and the opposition based on consensus
  • Increase in salaries for all police officers and military personnel
  • In all municipalities, the municipal police chief will be directly elected for a four-year term. The task of the municipal police is to maintain public order and fight petty crime

Human rights

  • Opposition Party Chairman of the Parliamentary Rights Committee
  • Independent investigative mechanism to investigate crimes committed by law enforcement agencies
  • Strong confidentiality guarantees
  • The Public Defender is approved by the parliamentary opposition

Independent court

  • Foreign judges in the supreme courts of appeal
  • Election of judges of first instance
  • Extension of the powers of the jury


  • Rich village – modern knowledge and technology in agriculture
  • 100 village houses – all services in one space: sales, warehousing and refrigeration, laboratory, agronomists and veterinarians,
  • Center for vocational education
  • Transfer of ownership of land and free registration, pastures to villages


  • Salary of teachers – 2000 lari and more
  • American and European educational programs.
  • Study Abroad for Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral Programs at Top 100 World Universities


  • Increase in wages for cultural workers by 20% in the first year
  • Creation of the National Fund for the Development of Culture for 100 million lari
  • Attraction of GEL 500 million for the development of the international film industry in Georgia.