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Ballots are stronger than bullets or shock for winning an election

Ballots are stronger than bullets or shock for winning an election

One peculiarity is characteristic of a change of government in Georgia … it happens only when a very angry voter comes to the polling station. The part of the citizens who woke up from the “electric shock” and who in all other cases would have stayed at home is walking.

This was the case in 2003. Then the function of “electroshock” was performed by total corruption and total falsification of elections. executed by the criminal power of Shevardnadze. As a result, the people first took to the streets, and then went to the ballot boxes and supported the young leaders.

In 2008, a readiness to change the government appeared in society. Violent suppression of protests, the closure of Imedi TV, the seizure of property, the oppression of people, and the escalation of injustice have brought politically passive citizens to polling stations. However, then the opposition was unable to fulfill the order of the society. What the opposition could not do in 2008, Ivanishvili succeeded in 2012, when, having struck society with the shock of a prison scandal, he promised people cheap money and a good life as a bonus. A category of the population has come to the ballot box, which, if not for the visualization of the sad reality in prisons, would have stayed at home.

There are only 3 days left until the elections, and it seems that the society has a lot of reasons to ask Ivanishvili’s government to leave. The fact that the majority of citizens are waiting for a change of government is confirmed by all authoritative and credible studies, for example, the same Edison Research. However, until now, the change of power does not seem obvious. No electroshock is seen to trigger the passive electoral group needed for change. The situation differs from all previous elections in that today we have an electoral system that is as close as possible to proportional representation, which practically excludes bipolarity. This means that no matter how much Saakashvili wants, who is not physically present in Georgia, he will not be able to activate the additional segment of the electorate, which is necessary for a change of government.

Naturally, the question arises: what should the opposition do in order to fulfill the order of society, how to activate the very “electroshock” that will lead to a change of power?

It can be a highly critical situation of a Covid-19, abandoned and doomed to death population as a result of the criminal inaction on the part of the government that is the result. It could be a Georgia similar to the “Wild West”, where murders, robberies, robberies, robberies or hostage-taking have become commonplace, and this is at best the result of Dream’s inaction, and at worst, the result of flirting with criminals. which are their own for the authorities.It is clear that all this is “the merit of the government” and the result of the reaction to its actions. However, this is not enough to fulfill the function of a full-fledged “electroshock”. We need a chain of active actions by the opposition and a clear signal. They need to be together and show a willingness to work together to make the public believe in the possibility of a change of government. At the same time, the voter should clearly see an alternative political center that can lead the country out of the crisis, and will also be able to counterbalance Saakashvili’s party in the new coalition government.Meanwhile, the authorities continue to play an extremely dangerous game of “cops and thieves”, calming us – they say, what is the problem, sooner or later we will still catch this Esebua, sooner or later, everyone will get sick with covid and the covid will end. sooner or later we will live better anyway. But we have been hearing this “sooner or later” for eight years already. And if this old song about the main thing continues to sound, sooner or later we will definitely return to the “best practices” of the 90s.And even if this gloomy picture does not turn out to be a kind of “electroshock” to activate passive voters and bring them to the ballot boxes, we will inevitably wait until the moment when the “electroshock” will hit us with covid and banditry with all the foolishness. Well, that part of the population, which by God’s grace will survive covid and robbery, will face a cold winter, poverty and hunger.Since the government, on its own initiative, started talking about saber rattling, let’s remember the words of two great American presidents. Abraham Lincoln – “Bulletins Are Stronger than a Bullet”, and Theodore Roosevelt – “voting in elections is like a sword, how sharp, flawless and useful it will be, depends on how much we use it!”

Георгий Таргамадзе, (Giorgi Targamadze) author’s program ‘Droeba’ on the Formula TV channel