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Let us repay Caesar with caesarean , but God with godly

Let us repay Caesar with caesarean , but God with godly

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

The elections are still approaching, and soon we will decide together how the country will develop in the next four years. I talk to people, I know about research, and it hurts because most of the population still refuses to go to the elections and vote. On the one hand, I understand their disappointment, which has accumulated over the years, but it does not justify indifference, indifference to the future of our country. Over the decades, we got used to the existence of one “Communist Party” with one ideology, program, plan, which won all elections without any problems, and then suddenly dozens of parties appeared with completely different views, people, approaches and so on.

We’re still confused. However, freedom arises from a variety of choices. A citizen who is forced to vote for one party in all elections cannot be free. For many years, willingly or unwillingly, participation in political processes has become a shame, and our citizens continue to proudly declare that they “do not vote for any party.” But in fact, this cannot be a matter of pride.

By the grace of the Lord, I lived and studied in Athens for many years. It is a city that, in addition to its theological, philosophical and cultural heritage, has given the world a political system called democracy. Yes, the word that we often mention consists of two words (demos – people and kratos – power) and refers to a model of government in which citizens actively participate in the political life of their city and state.

It was not by chance that I mentioned the term “citizen”. A person living in Athens could be a citizen (Πολίτης) or a stateless person. All citizens were obliged to go to polling stations and vote, they were people who thought about the development of the state or city, were worried about it and had responsibilities. This distinguished them from those who stood aside, thought only of themselves and did not worry about the fate of the state.

We are citizens, we must go to elections and take our share of responsibility. A citizen is obliged to participate in the social and political processes of his city or country, to express his opinion, even if he makes a mistake in the elections, not to avoid responsibility. This is the main thing that we must understand this. Let no one deceive you that participation in political processes is contrary to Christian doctrine, on the contrary, we are all obliged to repay Caesar what was Caesarean , and God’s Godly, as the Savior Himself commanded us.

Finally, if my words are not enough for you to decide to go to the elections, please listen to the words of the outstanding son of our country, Ilya the Righteous (Chavchavadze), canonized by our Church: “Know that to whom you are giving advice tomorrow, you will give your vote to your future for all four years, the common good and bad of your family. Four years can change a lot, they can bring us a lot of good and a lot of evil. Do not despair, do not become discouraged! Know that this is a matter of your conscience. your morality, your decency. In the name of our Lord, do this great work. And do not let your hand tremble and you do not doubt, voting on conscience “

Please go to the polls, take on civic responsibility, make your choice with a clear conscience and without coercing others, observe safety standards and return to your families!

I pray for you,

Bishop of Margveti and Ubisi Melchizedek (Khachidze)