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Our country deserves a better future

Our country deserves a better future

We have an important day tomorrow. There are voters who look with nihilism at how others go to the elections and make their choice. They think that nothing will change for them. For the most part, they dislike the way parties draw up their lists of candidates for deputy. I also do not like the fact that the activities of parties in most cases are not based on the principles of freedom, equality, transparency and internal party democracy, I also do not like the arrival of weak, unstable, fake people into politics.

But, in this situation, the main thing is to understand that the current government is not just bad, it poses a threat to the future of our country, to its existence as such. Long-term oligarchic one-party rule is incomparable with the need for change, which may seem ambiguous, but changes based on diversity and pluralism, on the will of the people, not dictatorship, on consent, not on coercion, leave hope for the future. We all need to understand that no one can bring about change but us. We must look at the process as a whole, we must not look for an ideal party and politicians, we must be idealists in relation to our values ​​- democracy, the rule of law and the protection of human rights.

Therefore, we need to get rid of what threatens these values. And so tomorrow we must all do our bit for change and believe that this country deserves a better future.

Давид Джандиери, (David Jandieri) Georgian Center for Strategic Studies