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This fight is not hopeless

This fight is not hopeless

1) In 2016, I thought that the opposition should enter parliament, in 2020 I consider it unacceptable.

2) The same applies to participation in the second round on their terms and trade with Ivanishvili by 1-2 percent.

3) Of course, this makes sense when there is a common decision of all opposition parties (Inashvili’s party is not an opposition).

4) Dreamers left alone, no matter what government they approve and no matter how much they vote for themselves, will be deprived of legitimacy. They might just as well elect a Pope. The communist regime also had legal arguments to prove its legitimacy, and the Citizens’ Union brandished the Constitution, arguing that the Rose Revolution was a coup d’état. All non-democratic, electoral fraudulent regimes in the world behave in a similar way and accuse the opposition of attempting a coup. so you shouldn’t be surprised.

5) The opposition enjoys the support of the people, plus almost all people who are respected by the people as professionals in their field, almost all worthy members of society. People’s negative attitude towards the Dream is even greater than opposition support.

6) World opinion, the Western media will not give GD “carte blanche”, ultimately they will formalize Lukashenko. And if they use force, so much the worse for them.

7) Civil society is of the same opinion and is ready to defend democracy.
This is a great advantage that needs to be maintained.

Therefore, I believe that the opposition should be ready for a long struggle:
a) must work with people who are embittered by injustice and suffer from a severe economic crisis. I must show that everyone is fighting for freedom and dignity, and not for his party.

b) should work especially with those who voted for the ruling party through pressure or bribery (ideologically, there are probably no more than a third of them), should work with civil servants (especially in the middle and lower levels).

c) must work to shape international public opinion.

d) I’m not even talking about the fact that everyone should give up personal ambitions for the sake of a common cause.

And most importantly: to have desire, motivation, strength and endurance. All this is achievable, this struggle is not hopeless!

Торнике Гордадзе (Tornike Gordadze)