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Tornike Sharashenidze on elections and relations with Azerbaijan

Tornike Sharashenidze on elections and relations with Azerbaijan

I think every government in Georgia realizes the importance of relations with Azerbaijan. So in this regard, I do not expect any serious negative changes. As for the expected results of the elections, I think that the ruling Georgian Dream party still has a serious advantage, which is primarily expressed in the majority – because they give a serious head start to any ruling party. Secondly, the main alternative to the ruling party is still Saakashvili’s party, the UNM, and they, let’s say, still have a rather high negative rating. And to this is added the fragmentation of the opposition itself. There is no unity in it. They openly squabble with each other, one might say.

If we compare the current situation with what happened in 2012, when the government was replaced by elections, then everything was completely different. First, the opposition was united. It was all united around Ivanishvili. The opposition had money, because Ivanishvili, as you know, has a lot of capital.

And now the ruling party has both Ivanishvili’s money and administrative resources. So in such a situation, the ruling party is likely to have an advantage.

Торнике Шарашенидзе, (Tornike Sharashenidze) comment to Baku Press Club