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Falsification of elections is a grave crime against the Georgian people and the perpetrators must be held accountable

Falsification of elections is a grave crime against the Georgian people and the perpetrators must be held accountable

Mikheil Saakashvili’s government staggered when Tbilisi and other large cities stopped supporting it. At the same time, in other regions there was not a single sign of the weakness of the authorities. The situation today is much more complicated from the point of view of a political perspective, and I do not see that the political force that received the most votes as a result of the elections is aware of this.

For me personally – and I have written about this many times – falsifying elections with even one vote is an act equal to a crime against humanity. This is the perspective taken from my children.

It does not matter who wins the elections – it is important that the victory is fair, legitimate, with the highest standards of legitimacy. The political force that I like does not always have to win, and this is the basis of democracy. Moreover, my children may have completely different political tastes.

The fact that someone is “my friend” does not mean that he is a good politician. “My friend” is the fruit of my slave psychology and selfish aspirations, if I have no value connection with him.

The process that is happening now and is the result of October 31, clearly proves that we do not have a state. This is not even a field where you have to follow the rules of farming in order to get a good harvest.

And in conclusion, I have already written many times that no one can be imprisoned except people. who have committed serious crimes. Nevertheless, today I say that Tamar Zhvania should be held accountable, since it was her actions that led to the paralysis of our state. and such a crime should not have a statute of limitations. All those persons who forced the members of the election commission to commit the gravest crime – to falsify elections – should be brought to justice. And of course this responsibility should be shared by all those who falsified at least one vote. Why? Yes, because today there is no more serious crime than this.

It doesn’t matter who is in power and what political force falsifies the elections. I do not know if today’s opposition understands this, but I see that the authorities do not understand this. If only these falsifiers understood what they have brought the country to. One thing I can’t understand is how they sleep at night and how they look their children in the eyes …