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What to do next

What to do next

Now the most important thing is unity, unity both inside and outside, so that people can see that the opposition is one and this cannot change anything.

Georgian society is well aware that the elections were rigged, but additional work with Western partners is required. Mentioning of individual facts recorded by influential NGOs and observer missions is clearly insufficient. It is critical to conduct a comprehensive analysis based on these facts, which will show our partners the system and the scale of the fraud.

On this basis, a recount of votes is required, which will be carried out under the auspices of national and international organizations and will allow much more numbers to be added after the analysis of both counted and invalid ballots. Emotions are certainly important, but, as March showed, systematic work with the help of Western partners and the unity of the opposition are much more effective.

Нодар Харшиладзе, (Nodar Kharshiladze) Georgian Strategic Analysis Center GSAC