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Nodar Kharshiladze: Now one can’t bargain with the Dream

Nodar Kharshiladze: Now one can’t bargain with the Dream

Everything is like in the movie “Blue Mountains” when the director of the institution complains. that he has seen everything – football, handball, basketball, water polo, but never thought that there could be a motorball. I didn’t think so either. that someone can really bring us back to the times of Eduard Shevardnadze. In general, if we look at how events are developing in our country in retrospect, we can easily see that with each cycle it gets worse and worse. The 2016 elections were worse than the 2012 elections, and these elections were worse than the 2018 elections. The more he gets away with everything, the more brazenly he behaves. See for yourself, in 2018 they distributed potatoes and onions, now they decided that they would do without potatoes. And I shouldn’t have mentioned Eduard Shevardnadze in vain, they drew much better with him. Even their arithmetic does not fit. It is evident that these results were drawn by far from intellectuals.

In my opinion, this could be expected. In fact, what are we fighting for today? It is not at all for the fact that we have a better power, just if we swallow this too, in the next elections we will simply be announced the results, without having to carry them out. That is, there will be no elections. And what will happen next? Further the state security will become even more impudent, the police will further fall apart. the courts will become even more shameless. If at the top they pass, then at the bottom it will come off in full. Everyone knows the anatomy of a dictatorship.

It is very important that today everyone is on one side, even the Alliance of Patriots and the Georgian March, and the blatant loneliness of Dreams is on the other. And if anyone thinks that Bidzina is not interested in this, he is greatly mistaken. He wondered how interested, and he was very nervous.

The external front is no less important. The US embassy’s statement was perfect, they proposed to the opposition – provide evidence and we will support you. Of course, the “Dream” will play for time, then at some point they will offer to count the votes, knowing full well that no one will do it. Who needs votes. which they themselves will count. They will refuse new elections under the pretext of covid.

And here it is very important. so that not only the opposition has a unified position. The civil sector and the expert community should have a unified position. It is important to show the specific mechanisms and integrity of the electoral fraud system, and not individual violations and outrages. That is, it is necessary to combine all studies on elections of the civil sector and analytical centers into a single block that will show the systemic nature of election fraud. This is exactly what our Western partners expect from us.

It is not difficult to collect material for such a product, there are a lot of materials, but when they are scattered, the authorities can always say, here they were mistaken, here they got confused, and this is an accident. But when all these materials are combined and this shows systemic falsification, it will be very difficult for the authorities to object.

In general, you need to understand well the style of behavior of the authorities. Remember what they did last fall? First they said. that there would be no proportional system, then they bargained for six months and still left thirty majority shareholders. They are doing the same now. They said 48%, and then they will bargain and keep 44% or 42% for themselves. So, the main thing that needs to be understood is that you cannot bargain with them now. After all, then it will turn out that the elections were held legitimately, there are simply technical problems. This is what they need.

Therefore, what needs to be shown is the will and desire of the authorities to falsify these elections. That is, initially they held these elections not in order to fix the will of the people, but in order to draw numbers for themselves. which suit them. Therefore, it is necessary to speak with Western partners only from these positions, otherwise they will not understand us. Well, they certainly have no interest in participating in our internal auctions. It’s another matter if they themselves propose to recalculate the results, but here too, look at what an interesting point, if in the end the result is the same as that of IPSOS, this will be another proof of how much they falsified the elections. And in this case, their legitimization will be undermined.

Therefore, three things are important now

  • The unity of opposition
  • Evidence presented to Western partners
  • And third, let’s transfer CEC Chairman Tamar Zhvania to the post of Chairman of the National Bank. She writes any numbers, let her write there that lari costs three dollars. By the way, she will be the first to be sacrificed.

Нодар Харшиладзе, (Nodar Kharshiladze) Georgian Strategic Analysis Center GSAC