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And again about covid

And again about covid

I promised not to write anything about the covid during the elections. And although, in my opinion, the elections are not over yet, the government forced me to return to this topic.

As I said, before the elections, we were in a critical zone in terms of the number of tests. Only 6-7 thousand tests were done for 2.5 thousand cases. With this number of tests, it is clear that not all patients were tested. According to statistics, we saw a peak, but in reality the virus spread according to the constructed model (i.e. freely). Today, according to my calculations, 4-5 thousand people fall ill every day. With this number, in an ideal world, 50-60 thousand tests would be done, and we could talk about real statistics. In our world, a slight increase in the number of tests only leads to the fact that a little more infected people are among the detected cases.

Almost 13 thousand tests have been carried out today. I don’t need to explain why they are increasing the number of tests? Vanguyu that tomorrow the number of cases will exceed 3000, and of course those who disagree with the “results” of the elections will be “to blame” for this. To put it bluntly, the government has driven the epidemic to the point where the number of tests can be controlled by statistics. But these figures, of course, no longer reflect reality.

Now seriously. I have quoted many times from the Aeneid: “descensus Averno facilis est” (the road to Hell is easy), but when you “play” with the exponent, this road is also very fast. And when you put human lives on the line, then the hottest cauldron is waiting for you in hell. Their concept is simple and clear. First, accuse the opposition of spreading the virus, then arrange a lockdown (blaming them responsibility), partially remove it before the second round (after reducing the number of tests), hold elections in their own style and again go to a lockdown (already forced).

In vain I appeal to those who can influence the decisions of the government. The “Georgian Dream” is rapidly moving towards the ninth circle of hell. Stop them, for their own good. Their Virgil is “Usain Bolt”. It’s time to cancel the elections and hold new ones after the autumn peak (as a result of which they go into opposition). In the transitional period, it is necessary to deal only with the help of medical workers, needy and small business (otherwise it simply will not be). Moreover, their cunning plan may not work. The number of daily infections by the second round will approach 10 thousand, and their mediocre preparation for a new wave of the epidemic will be obvious even to the nuclear electorate. Then they will come up with an even more insidious plan.

That is why, of course, I will go to the protest tomorrow. And I advise everyone. By maintaining caution and not endangering vulnerable groups.

I anticipate reproaches for naivety. I understand everything myself. “At least I tried.”

Тамаз Хунджуа, (Tamaz Khunjua) GSAC