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Protest in Tbilisi (what has shown today)

Protest in Tbilisi (what has shown today)

It is too early to assess today’s action by the opposition, if only because at the moment when these lines are being written, it is still going on. Nevertheless, some conclusions can already be drawn.

– people got out, got out despite the covid hysteria set up by the authorities. When in such a situation the account goes to tens of thousands, it does not matter at all how many of these tens will be counted. The number of people is critically important in a revolutionary scenario, but the GD, which in the person of Kobakhidze does not even try to count heads, but simply says – little, more and more reminiscent of Bourbons – have not forgotten anything, but have not learned anything either

– with the mobilization resource of the UNM everything is in order, they brought out and brought their 5-6 thousand activists, but there were many times more people. The authorities may not pay attention to this, but hope that others will not pay attention to it, for example, the same embassies and representative offices of international organizations – childish naivete

-As for the opposition’s plan for the siege of the Central Executive Committee, I’ll say this – original and probably justified. Firstly, the actions on Rustaveli have long ago set the viewer’s teeth on edge, the new location is at least interesting. Secondly, revolutions and coups take place on Rustaveli. Demanding a revision of the elections from the CEC is much more logical than from an empty parliament

– this protest clearly strengthened the unity of the opposition, many new and old politicians for the first time felt the energy of such a mass of people, and this is like a drug. Until today, they had an abstract voter with whom they communicated via Facebook. Today they looked this voter in the face

In general, the action can be safely considered an asset of the opposition. But nothing is over yet. Clashes with the police began at the CEC building.

Гела Васадзе, (Gela Vasadze) GSAC