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Two scenarios for overcoming the crisis

Two scenarios for overcoming the crisis

The actions of the authorities are, to put it mildly, not logical. But I have another question – what are we doing? comparisons with 2003 are irrelevant. Then Shevardnadze was going to leave and left. Then there was not so much a revolution. how much the expression of the will of the people. This one is not going to leave. This is the anatomy of a dictatorship, he is not going to go anywhere. He is not Shevardnadze or Saakashvili, he does not want to leave. We have almost the only option – to organize international pressure on him. But what’s next?

At the same time, Ivanishvili has no resource for dictatorship. A dictatorship requires a more or less stable economy, a strong state and the support of the elites. None of this in Georgia, moreover, in our time, when there is the Internet and social networks, it does not work in much stronger countries with rich traditions of authoritarianism. Look what happened to Lukashenko. So Ivanishvili is now acting on the principle of Louis XV – after us, let there be even a flood.

In fact, we have two real ways out of this situation – either there will be such international pressure that Ivanishvili will be forced to make concessions, or a million will take to the streets and put an end to this power. What is more realistic judge for yourself.

Nodar Kharshiladze, GSAC