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Will lockdown save us

Will lockdown save us

For several days now, the government and pro-government speakers from medicine, who have become just an appendage of power, have been talking about a lockdown. I don’t think this is a way out, especially since we are already in lockdown, distance education, curfew, and so on. It remains only to lock us at home. But look, everything has fallen apart with us, from the healthcare system to business. Let’s remember the absolutely insane bans in the spring. Well, we got out of them, so what? Nothing was done and we got today. From the next lockdown we will come out even weaker. It’s not just about covid. Already today there are very big problems with other diseases, people, without receiving medical assistance, die not only from covid. Thus, there is no justification for the lockdown, this is a purely political decision, which is designed to drown out the protests. But as a result, we will get the economy in ruins and there will be no positive effect from the lockdown in the health sector.

We need to mobilize the entire health care system, improve patient routing, this is a specific task that needs to be addressed here and now. Now patients are admitted to hospitals through personal connections. This is nonsense. Working algorithms are required. The next component is testing. It is necessary to establish this process so that people do not stand in line and receive answers for tests on time. Third, mobilization of all medical resources, primarily human resources and hospital beds. There is a wild shortage of beds now, both for covid-patients and for ordinary patients. It is necessary to create a common database of beds so that doctors do not call all hospitals, but see the availability of free beds and can make decisions quickly. When we are told that anyone will find a bed for themselves through friends, it is a crime.

Human resource is a big problem, of course, the authorities should have taken care of this in advance. But this does not mean that this should not be done now. Financial resource – we do not even know how much it costs to treat one patient. The authorities received and mobilized billions of dollars, a legitimate question arises where this money went, whether it was for corruption schemes with covid hotels and other crazy things. Of course, everything has to start with 112, and how efficiently patients will be referred depends on the management of the process of receiving and processing information.

In spring and summer there was absolutely irrelevant communication between the authorities and society, which gave rise to wrong expectations and misunderstanding of the danger. it was not society that relaxed, but the government.

Sergo Chikhladze, GSAC