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Khatuna Lagazidze: This government cannot be a reliable partner of the United States

Khatuna Lagazidze: This government cannot be a reliable partner of the United States

It is clear that Pompeo is not coming to Georgia on the issue of elections. But this visit is beneficial for the opposition, and this is its main advantage. Pompeo’s visit shows that the United States needs Georgia to maintain its presence in the region, especially since the Russian military presence in the South Caucasus has grown.

The main question is how we see Georgia’s role in this situation and what we can offer Washington there. Georgia remains the main partner of the United States in the region, but the current government of Georgia does not and cannot fulfill this function. This is the government, which a year ago very harshly “threw” the US and Secretary of State Pompeo personally when he demanded the continuation of the construction of the port of Anaklia, this project was deliberately thwarted by the “Georgian Dream”.

Hence the conclusion that the government in Georgia should have a government that can be trusted and supported. In such a situation, the role of the Georgian opposition in the eyes of the United States increases significantly. For its part, the opposition must also show the States that it will be a reliable and reliable partner. This is the main key to the opposition’s success. Only if the opposition is able to prove this to our American partners, we can hope for their more active role in negotiations between the opposition and the authorities.

Today the government has entered into negotiations because it is trying to save face. It is fundamentally important for them to legitimize the elections, and for this it is necessary for the opposition to enter parliament. Under these conditions, the opposition must maintain unity. This is the only path to success.

Khatuna Lagazidze, GSAC