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Lasha Bregvadze: The system needs to be changed

Lasha Bregvadze: The system needs to be changed

Recently, all I hear is that this or that law enforcement officer has exceeded his authority, or even clearly violated the law in the execution. Moreover, we are talking not only about bosses with big stars, but also about ordinary employees.

It is difficult to disagree with this, because these iniquities are already visible to the naked eye, and they are committed by those who are called to protect law and order. Fortunately, not all, and not even the majority, but this is little consolation. So, I would like to explain that this will never change unless you change the following:

It is necessary to depoliticize law enforcement agencies and, in general, law enforcement agencies, which in turn means that everyone will do their own thing – the police will fight crime, the state security will take care of the security of the country’s interests, the special services will fight the intelligence services of other countries, identify their agents, and confront the threat of terrorism (in In this regard, it is very interesting where Badri Esebua is and how he feels), the Ministry of Defense is protecting the country’s sovereignty, the Border Guard Service is protecting the borders, which are determined by international treaties, and so on.

Everything seems to be simple, but what we see today. The practice of using security forces is used as a “sonder of groups” as it was and remains. The same can be said about illegal wiretapping, surveillance, and detentions. Sometimes it comes to comic moments, and it would all be funny if it weren’t so sad. So as long as the “fashion” for such actions does not pass, as long as the authorities are comfortable with having such groups, nothing will change.

It is necessary not only to abandon this practice once and for all, but also to punish those responsible, and more importantly, the customers. For this, it is not enough to constantly remember “those nine years”, we already know what was bad then. It is not enough to say that the next government did not just take over what was bad, everything became even worse. Specific actions are needed to break the system down. And this is exactly the system!

We do not want our children to live according to the rules of the epoch of the carter Pavle, when you are detained because you brought logs, from where it is not far from the Gulag reality, when they are already imprisoned for thought crimes. And if we don’t want to, we need to change the system.

Lasha Bregvadze, GSAC