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Teona Akubardia: Is there room for compromise?

Teona Akubardia: Is there room for compromise?

Back on November 8, the opposition demanded the start of negotiations under the auspices of the international community. Without such negotiations it is absolutely impossible to imagine a way out of the political impasse into which the Georgian Dream drove the country. We, the opposition, have specific demands – a demand for early elections, a demand for a change in the composition of election commissions, a demand for the release of political prisoners. We saw that even during the electoral process, manipulation of public opinion according to the case of David Gareji, and as a result of the “case of cartographers” we got two new innocent people in the status of political prisoners.

I would like to express my gratitude to the US Embassy and the EU Delegation for once again taking on the heavy burden of mediation in such difficult negotiations. Of course, the unity of the opposition is the main element of these negotiations. We have our own assessment of the past elections – they were neither free nor fair. Therefore, it is quite logical that we cannot recognize these elections as legitimate, and this is a general assessment of all political parties without exception.

Another question is whether there is room for compromise? It is clear that Dream’s possible one-party sitting in parliament is a disaster for both the ruling party and the country. This is that red line. after which talk about some kind of democracy in Georgia. Our position has been announced and is well known to the authorities, now the ball is on their field. Today one thing is clear that even in conditions of total falsification, GD wrote to itself 48%, which is also not the majority. The anger of the people and the unification of the opposition, given all this, is quite natural. Therefore, the authorities must adequately assess the situation into which they have driven themselves.

Today we have a huge number of both internal and regional challenges, not to mention a pandemic. But today our society is in a state that we are unable to respond to these challenges and risks. This is impossible without dialogue and consensus.

And of course the visit of the US Secretary of State is very important. The United States is Georgia’s strategic partner, which is very serious in helping our country in defense and security issues. And of course, given the situation in the region, these issues will be in the spotlight. But the issues of democracy of free elections will certainly be raised during this visit, and if the authorities hope that these are secondary issues and can be ignored, they will be greatly disappointed. Everything is very simple, if Georgia is not a democracy, if we do not have common values, we will not have to count on serious support from the United States. In general, this is the reason for the fact that negotiations between the government and the opposition are taking place in the residence of the US Ambassador.

Teona Akubardia, GSAC