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Khatuna Lagazidze: Pompeo will talk about Anaklia, democracy and the region

Khatuna Lagazidze: Pompeo will talk about Anaklia, democracy and the region

The arrival of the Secretary of State is a very big event for Georgia, and it does not matter that he is a representative of the outgoing administration, and what he leaves Georgia with will be continued by the next administration.

The problem is that our government is the government that simply deserted the Americans and did not fulfill its obligations on the port of Anaklia. Let us also remember the fact that almost all of the Dream premieres left after their visits to the United States. Meanwhile, Anaklia was supposed to become a real alternative to Russia, both economically and in the field of security. I think that the issue of Anaklia, as well as other issues, will be raised at the talks.

Naturally, we will also talk about regional problems. This is not only about Russia, unfortunately, Pompeo did not meet with any of the officials in Turkey, and in Paris spoke negatively about Turkey’s activity in the region. The current situation forces us to take a completely different look at the role of Georgia in the region.

At yesterday’s briefing, the Secretary of State said that the issue of elections will be one of the priorities. Yes, the authorities do not want to make concessions to the demands of society and the opposition. In addition to the authorities, this country has generations of people who created this country, including the security system. These people have not gone anywhere and will not go away, therefore, in the new reality, it is they who must take upon themselves the function of promoting the interests of Georgia in relations with the United States. The United States has enough levers of influence on our government and I hope that they will use them, listening to the voice of the Georgian society. As for the compromise, I see it in the appointment of early elections, which will allow the authorities to save face and avoid admitting their guilt in fraud. Such elections could be called at the latest in October, together with municipal elections, although they could be held in May, for example.

Khatuna Lagazidze, GSAC