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Brief analysis of the outcome of Pompeo’s visit

Brief analysis of the outcome of Pompeo’s visit

In short: we do not want instability, agree, come up with something, we will help you.

In more details, when viewed everything from both sides:

On the part of the opposition, there could be no hope that Pompeo would come and say – well, let’s quickly hold new elections. The outgoing administration member simply could not say so. It was also quite natural to call for negotiations and a proposal to formalize the process. That is, what they said to the opposition was absolutely predictable.

The visit initially looked more beneficial for Dreams, the meeting was not planned with the opposition, it was the format of a working meeting with the authorities. Georgian Dream was unable to take advantage of this visit to obtain carte blanche and did not achieve the desired score, but if they had offered at least some compromises in the negotiations earlier, there was a chance that the text of the statement would not have been so harsh or a failure. The authorities received a rather harsh assessment using very categorical terms, as well as serious questions both on the topic of elections and on the topic of legal proceedings.

One annoying detail – the Americans did not offer anything new, as a rule, during a visit of this level, they voiced some specific initiative. But now there is silence. It is clear that this is the outgoing administration, but you can always start negotiations on geopolitical projects or prepare the ground for their launch. Usually these are long-term projects that do not depend solely on any administration.

Regarding the US military presence, such projects are not launched on the initiative of NGOs, I am also on the list of signatories, so I do not mean anything offensive. It was the right step on our part, but we need an initiative on the part of the authorities, and not just an initiative, but a specific package, on which we need to work hard and hard. This was not, so we got nothing.

Thanks to Mr. Ivanishvili.

Nodar Kharshiladze, GSAC