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Not everything’s so bad or what Pompeo’s visit showed us

Not everything’s so bad or what Pompeo’s visit showed us

To begin with, I understand the disappointment of many of us, including my own, with what has happened. We are talking exclusively about just one proposal in the brief of the State Department – the opposition should go to parliament and something about a movie that they have already watched. Everything else is written correctly, but what is the point of stopping correct when there is such, frankly, an immodest proposal to recognize the results of falsified elections.

No, let’s be honest, any of those who live in Georgia and are more or less aware of our affairs, hoped that Pompeo would come and tell Ivanishvili to leave? Well, or he will say, guys, this is not fair, how do you conduct new elections? Imagine a situation, what did you say and what? he obeyed and ran to carry out? The authorities have a reinforced concrete argument in the courtyard of a covid and a crisis, soon everything will be hunted and the opposition will be to blame for this, which does not go to parliament. By the way, today the statement that the opposition should go to parliament was made by the head of the European Commission delegation in the South Caucasus Marina Kaliurand. The sweetest woman and, no fools, a very great friend of Georgia, I saw her in Delhi in February. At the Orom conference, she was the only one who remembered Georgia and raised the issue of occupation, and in the presence of Lavrov.

And even she says – guys, go to parliament and fight there, we will help you. In such a situation, our opposition politicians would seize on this proposal, run to take warm seats in parliament with a good salary and social benefits, and then God will put it down. But no, the stubborn are being stubborn, shall not go and that’s on period. Why is that? I certainly have no doubts about the selfless patriotism and high moral qualities of our politicians. But, something tells me that this is not the main reason for their persistence. Maybe this is overly arrogant, but it seems to me that the main reason is you and me, those who live in this country and will never make such a decision. And that means it’s not so bad.

Gela Vasadze, GSAC