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The most important thing that was said in the State Department

The most important thing that was said in the State Department

Most importantly, from the State Department’s official briefing on Pompeo’s visit:

  1. The visit of the Secretary of State is not an expression of political support for the Georgian government (!)
  2. The elections went badly.
  3. No need to boycott parliament …… .Use institutions.

The institution that must make the final decision is the court, which today is a weapon in the hands of the authorities against their opponents, as has been repeatedly stated in the resolutions of the US Congress and statements by the State Department. So the State Department knows very well what institutions are being discussed.

The fact that the small difference between the CEC results and Edison Research’s exit poll results confused Americans is not surprising. (This company also conducted exit polls for the US presidential election.) Georgian Dream perfectly used Edison’s published data and adapted the final result for him.

It is clear that a delegation of this rank did not come to talk to the civil sector about the “clan” and to talk to Ms. Salome. And certainly not to say goodbye to Gakharia. (Gakharia during his tenure as prime minister was never in the US). It’s absurd to come to Tbilisi for a 45-minute meeting solely to discuss issues of territorial integrity, judicial system, investment climate.

The political crisis caused by the elections, along with the dire economic situation, creates an extremely explosive environment. In such a situation, political instability can have very grave consequences both for the country and for regional security. Everyone in Washington is well aware of this. They also understand that without fair elections it will be impossible to achieve a way out of the crisis.

Therefore, the Secretary of State came to Tbilisi.

Zaza Mamulashvili, President of Frontera Georgia