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Logic of the Dream

Logic of the Dream

Well, the elections in 2020 are over, it’s even kinda sad. GD won with the following results – 164% of the votes cast for Sozar Subari, Chikovani with his 118% I don’t count (unlike Sozar’s indicators, this is a clear falsification), with the reaction around 16K ha-ha out of 23K to the post “We won” posted on the official page of the GD, and from 8 to 10 percent of the supporters of the GD, who hate their party so much that even being driven to the polls, they still voted against it.

As Nodar Kharshiladze rightly noted on his Facebook page, 26% of those who came to the second is the real result of the authorities in the past elections. But precisely – on the past.

The logic of the GD is clear, it is not scary to be funny, it is scary to be without power. Perhaps they are right, life will show. And we still have a lot of interesting things ahead – covid, the collapse of the economy, loss of trust on the part of partner countries (the possibility of receiving money), violation of the organic law on non-exceeding the national debt of 60% of GDP, parliament with very dubious legitimacy and other joys of life to be canceled by a convincing victory in 164 % Not sure it’s going to happen.

Gela Vasadze, GSAC