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One-party country …

One-party country …

I’ll start with a political anecdote from my childhood: The secretary of the district committee comes to the bazaar, and the Gurian salesman offers him to buy a blackened pig, which lies alone on the counter, with the words – “Be kind, choose this pig.” “And what is there to choose from” – the party functionary is indignant, – “He’s the only one on the counter”. “You shouldn’t be angry, dear, aren’t you constantly driving us to elections without elections? It’s the same, ”the seller replies.

Yes, comrades! Yesterday, Mr. Bidzina surprised us and Europe with elections without elections: “Georgian Dream” will be the only political force in the Georgian parliament, we have already seen this in the Soviet Union. Before these elections, we were shown commercials of Dream candidates, where they offered to choose themselves while standing in the stadium, while there were no spectators or athletes at the stadium. The Dream candidates stood in splendid isolation.

Many of us who witnessed this boring and absurd spectacle, especially me and older people, probably remembered school, remembered the portrait of Vladimir Ilya Lenin, hanging in a place of honor and who loved children so much. If this continues, then, probably, soon, in the schools of our children, new portraits will appear on the walls, and these will be portraits of Bidzina Grigorievich Ivanishvili, who also loves children like Vladimir Ilyich. Georgia will soon become the 7th state in the world after North Korea, China, Laos, Vietnam, Cuba and Eritrea, which will have a one-party parliament.

“Hurray, comrades!

«You shouldn’t worry too much about this, a one-party Georgia will not last long, ”Ivanishvili’s supporters encourage us on a social network. The opposition will get tired of standing on the street, freeze, it will run out of money, it will get tired of it, and they will enter parliament. The opposition is proposing the same forecast, with the only difference that, in their opinion, the government will no longer be able to run a long, one-party country full of problems, so new elections are only a matter of time.

Yes, timing is critical. For example, Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev led the Soviet Union for 18 years. and after his death the USSR existed for almost ten more years. But when we talk about time, we must not forget that the ideological fathers and political ancestors of Brezhnev were Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin. And the repressive system built by the latter, and the economic effect of industrialization carried out on the skeletons of millions of people, allowed the Soviet Union to survive until the nineties. It is possible that the Union would have lasted longer if not for the consistent policy of the United States and Western Europe.

Ivanishvili is unlikely to rely on the theoretical legacy of Marx and Engels, but it would probably not hurt to ponder over the section of psychology devoted to the instinct of self-preservation. Neither Georgia’s miniature economy, completely depleted by the covid, nor the institutions bought or subordinated by Ivanishvili can guarantee the longevity of the authoritarian rule in Georgia, which means that this country will not survive under one-party rule not only for ten years, but even for one year. The worst crisis caused by the pandemic and the weakening economy is getting worse and will continue to get worse. Nobody doubts that Ivanishvili will not spend money out of his pocket, and even if we assume a fantastic scenario, according to which he will donate all his property to save the country. this will not save the country. The borrowed seven billion have already been spent, no one will give us more. And laws passed by parliament with very dubious legitimacy will inevitably create problems in the functioning of state institutions.

If this continues, we will enter a deep peak, after which the question of the country’s destruction will become a matter of time. Unfortunately, the line beyond which Georgian politicians – in this case Bidzina and the opposition – can talk to each other, has already been crossed. A society divided by the government into two different worlds also shows no signs of coercing political leaders into agreement. And again the hope is in the West, the West, which has many of its problems even without us and which will take a long time to come to the issues concerning our region.

In other words, the time of Ivanishvili’s monopoly domination in Georgian politics is over. In the short term, the only chance for the Georgian Dream to stay in power is to break the unity of such a diverse opposition as we have. But despite the differences among themselves, all opposition members are well aware that by deciding to stop pressure on the authorities, they will pass a political judgment on themselves in the eyes of the voters, and others will come in their place. This is inevitable when there are Ivanishvili and Kobakhidze in the country, who not only rig elections. but they also compete with each other in such political mistakes that are difficult to imagine. In this situation, even the super-pessimists from the opposition will not give up their struggle.

Giorgi Targamadze, GSAC