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Political covid

Political covid

Wherever you go, we have covid everywhere, and covid as a pandemic is not the biggest problem. If we consider the covid as a completely new stressful situation for the body, we have the covid of the healthcare system, the covid of the economy, the covid of the social system, and the covid of political life. And covid in such a form that Nietzsche’s famous expression that everything that does not kill us makes us stronger sounds doubtful.

The authorities really don’t know what to do. He does not know in all directions, and I write this with great regret, despite the fact that I have no sympathy for the authorities themselves. After all, in the end, the point is not in my attitude to the authorities, the fact that they are confused and helpless hits us, all those who live in this country. I have not written about covid in terms of medicine and will not write. But what about the health crisis? As Sergo Chikhladze rightly writes, when 5000 tests are performed per day with 4000 diseases, this does not improve the performance, but indicates the collapse of the system. A month ago, Tamaz Khunjua modeled today’s situation, and here’s the result. Today, no matter how much we say what needs to be done, these are empty conversations, from which neither additional beds in hospitals nor additional medical staff will appear. The targeted measures that the government proposes, experts say, will give nothing, but will inevitably worsen the situation of the people who will be affected. I do not know if a total lockdown is needed, whether it will help in such a situation, many say no.

With the covid, the economy is still sadder. now no tax cuts, simplified administration, and even the appearance of a normal court will help. The building collapses like in the final scene of the movie “An Extraordinary Story or Blue Mountains”. In order to somehow support him, money is needed, which no one will give. All of the above will be necessary for a relatively quick recovery of the economy from ruins. But it is far from the fact that this will happen. After all, we have a covid and a political system. And this covid is perhaps the most serious.

The problem is that when Gia Volsky says that the opposition does not want to enter parliament through elections, but wants to destabilize the country, he really does not understand the inadequacy of his statement. See for yourself, he could say that the GD is ready to change the electoral and judicial systems within the parliament, but the demand for new elections is blackmail. I could say that the country now needs a parliament and an effective government, so it is important for the opposition to enter parliament. I could say that the GD is ready to share responsibility with the opposition, both at the legislative and executive levels. Could say anything, even if it wasn’t true. However, instead, Volsky speaks of the opposition’s desire to destabilize the situation in the country. I just want to ask, how much more to destabilize? The situation is so destabilized at the most I can not. And this inadequacy is a symptom of a political covid, much more dangerous than everyone else.

Gela Vasadze, GSAC