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Money for democracy

Money for democracy

15 lari for each vote out of the first 55 thousand votes, then each vote is estimated at five lari. And plus 30% of the accumulated amount on top for those parties that followed gender quotas on the proportional list. Echo of the Caucasus

That’s right, politicians must eat and must eat well, intellectual work is the hardest. Sedentary work is also not conducive to a healthy lifestyle, threatening various diseases from cardiovascular to hemorrhoids. And how much money is needed to fight obesity, you can’t even imagine how much (I know what I’m talking about), while the weight usually wins.

Right, the euro cargo Georgiy Kandelaki is right a thousand times, this is not GD’s money, this is taxpayers’ money, so it is a grave sin not to take theirs. Here’s how not to welcome the decision of the UNM, our main and only opposition party to take money. Take, be sure to take, especially when it comes to three million. After all, this is money for democracy. There will be refusal to this money, there will be no democracy, and vice versa. And the Strategy of Creation could not refuse this money in any way, what the hell is creation without money? Correct, nothing.

Irresponsible, destructive elements like Zura Japaridze are engaged in cheap populism, refusing to take money for democracy. This Japaridze has no shame, no conscience, he is promoting himself at the expense of democracy. Taxpayers in the conditions of a severe economic crisis, tearing away from themselves the latter, pay taxes so that there is democracy in the country, and these Japarov’s rastamans refuse to take them. However, I always suspected that they were against democracy. Who else is against it? Elisashvili? Yes, this is a well-known populist, he probably thinks how to sell to BI, so he does not take money, he is afraid to sell too cheap.

They say Lelo has not decided yet, but I hope they will make the right decision in favor of democracy. Moreover, Mamuka Khazaradze has already said that this is money for the future of the party.

And now the question is – which of you changed your attitude towards parties depending on this decision? That is why everything will be fine in the country, it cannot but be good when the majority is for democracy.

Gela Vasadze, GSAC