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Slap from the Kremlin

Slap from the Kremlin

Last night, during the night, a team of sanitary workers diligently removed traces of protest on the iron wall erected in front of the parliament building. This was necessary so that everything was clean and tidy this morning. As if no one had seen or read the “Bidzinakhuy” inscriptions, as if the most active part of our citizens had not protested yesterday, which ended in damage to the health of my young colleague, host of the “Platform” program of the “Formula” TV company, Tatusha Arveladze.

The ruling party has once again shown itself in a new form of Gavriliada: it turns out that Gavrilov’s protest is a Russophobic provocation of “Georgian nationalists” provocation. Any statement by Georgians in which there are at least some signs of dignity is undoubtedly a Russophobic provocation. And in general, the very existence of Georgia as a state is the main Russophobic provocation … But if we behave well and do not engage in Russophobic provocations, to put it simply, we will not be a country, Moscow will help us defeat covid, provide a vaccine, restore direct air communication and even open a railway communication through Abkhazia, and without asking us whether we need it or not, because it is so beneficial for Georgia.

This is a brief summary of the last conversation in the Karasin-Abashidze format, with which the special representative of the Prime Minister certainly does not agree, but it does not matter, it is important that Karasin agrees with this. And instead of a clear and principled answer (the late and cautious reaction of our Foreign Ministry is clearly not counted), we see how the “Georgian Dream” with great enthusiasm is preparing to turn the other cheek to Moscow. Well, how could it be otherwise, this is an act worthy of a real Christian. How can you not love your co-religionist enemy, and not bear all insults with genuine Christian meekness? Didn’t we start the war … Hmm, if it goes on like this, maybe someone will believe in longsuffering and Christian virtues of the Dream. maybe even we would have believed, if not for their attitude towards their own citizens, full of contempt, cynicism and hatred, if not for the image of an enemy out of their political opponents, if not for cruel treatment of the weak, and complete submission to the strong. It is difficult to believe in such “Christianity”.

There is a rough, but definitely appropriate expression for this case – “Even though piss in his eyes, he will say the dew of God.” This is the position in which Georgian Dream is now. And no matter how you call the position in which Ivanishvili’s power is today, in fact it does not change the situation.

Another thing is interesting, how did the current government deserve such a slap in the face from the Kremlin? After all, with his policy “not to irritate Moscow”, Ivanishvili gave the Russian Federation almost complete freedom of action. But in today’s realities this is not enough. This degree of cynicism and arrogance of the Kremlin indicates that in the context of the changed security architecture in the region, the Kremlin does not view Georgia as a sovereign country, which has its own legitimate interests, and which has a government elected with the support of the majority of society. We are viewed as territory ruled by our illegitimate vassal, treated appropriately and demanded complete submission.

Part of this resignation is the revitalization of the topic of administration and monitoring of goods on Psou on the basis of the 2011 agreement in the Karasin-Abashidze format. This is exactly what the Prime Minister of Armenia spoke about, referring to the new railway route from Russia, and about which Putin and Bzhania agreed in Sochi. Today there can be no longer any doubts that Moscow is preparing to open a railway through Abkhazia and is not going to ask the Georgian authorities about anything. Well, turning Moscow’s cheek or other places will become habitual and regular.

Since time immemorial, Georgians have greeted an enemy with a sword and a friend with a goblet full of wine, and this was a moral code that was a practical expression of Christian values ​​in real life. We always knew very well when the enemy was ruthlessly attacking us, as well as when and why we should turn the other cheek. Today, unfortunately, the compass is ruined: the enemy is treated with wine and turned the other cheek, and the neighbor is beaten, shouted at, shot with a bullet intended for wild animals, and sacrificed to disease and hunger. It is with our Tatusha Bidzina so brave, but with Vladimir Vladimirovich he will not spoil.

Giorgi Targamadze, GSAC