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The entire system must be dismantled

The entire system must be dismantled

The situation has been simplified to the extreme. The authorities understand that without a full-fledged parliament, the likelihood of obtaining new loans, which is already extremely small, becomes zero.

Covid disaster plus the collapse of the health care system combined with an economic, budgetary and political crisis in conditions of, say, a parliament of low legitimacy. This is the immediate prospect that the authorities will face.

It is clear that the US and EU representatives would like to resolve the crisis as soon as possible. Therefore, they urge the opposition to come to an agreement and enter parliament. But without calling new elections, there is no point for any opposition party to enter parliament. The real way out is not just calling new elections, but dismantling the entire system – from a radical reform of the electoral and judicial system to the end of Ivanishvili’s informal rule.

I don’t see any room for a compromise, Ivanishvili will never give up power, and the opposition’s consent to legitimize his power now with a high degree of probability means that they will lose respect and support of their electorate. Even Ivanishvili will not feed such an opposition – only feed it, and then not for long.

In addition, entering parliament now is partly to share responsibility with Dream for the upcoming disaster. It is clear from the outside that it is harmful and senseless to make concessions to the opposition. But this is from the outside.

Gela Vasadze, comment to the portal