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Gela Bezhuashvili’s commentary on David Gareji

Gela Bezhuashvili’s commentary on David Gareji

According to the commission’s documents, some part of the David Gareji complex is located on the territory of Azerbaijan. This was a fact established by the commission, which was known both to the commission and to us as members of the National Security Council.

For me, in general, such a politicization of the border delimitation topic is unacceptable, especially on the eve of the elections. This is a delicate topic, very delicate, and strategically very important. Two people have been in pre-trial detention for over two months. In my opinion, the truth could have been established without this.

Even if some new circumstances suddenly appeared, it is necessary to think over how to effectively use them in negotiations, but what was done in any case will negatively affect the further work of the commission.

Gela Bezhuashvili, commentary on Formula TV