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Positional battles of our opposition

Positional battles of our opposition

photo by Irakli Oragvelidze

So what do we have. Inside, everything is clear, to go to this parliament for the opposition is, first of all, disrespect for oneself, period. The GD has a clear goal – to stay in power in order to further juggle the budget and enjoy all the joys of life that this very power presupposes. The opposition has a different goal – to come to power. I believe that from the opposition’s coming to power there will be less harm than from the power, or rather not so, if the opposition comes to power, the consequences of the catastrophe will be eliminated faster than under the GD. Those who are connected with the current authorities, and this is like almost a third of the population of Georgia, agree to endure everything, including a catastrophe, because they are afraid to lose even the little that they have. Maybe they are rightly afraid.

The fact that a change of power in our country is possible only with a combination of internal and external factors is a common truth. The internal factor is already there, the external one is not yet. Whether the GD will be able to change the internal factor is unlikely, there are no objective prerequisites for this, the last opportunity – the “victory over the covid” was used 100% by the authorities, which we saw in the short term. Can external factors change? They can, especially since they are already changing. Will this lead to the fact that Ivanishvili, like Plahotniuc, will say – it’s time for you to leave. It is quite possible, but not a fact. And certainly this will not happen in the next six months, and there still are nuances here.

Gela Vasadze, GSAC