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Two Georgias – Dream and Reality

Two Georgias – Dream and Reality

Everything is very good in this country: the economy is growing; business is free; there is practically no crime; we are the best in the world to fight the Covid pandemic; we are better than Finland in education; the state no longer abuses its citizens and people are happy. The people are happy that there is Bidzina Ivanishvili, who shines like the sun and cares about each of us. We are also glad that we have a dendrological park, and if everything goes on like this, the time will soon come when we will hear on TV that Georgia defeated Brazil in the final of the World Cup, and the Georgian flag flutters on the moon. And thanks to whom? Of course, to Mr. Bidzina.

You probably understand, this is Georgia, you want to call it a parallel world, do you want virtual reality. But the fact is that such Georgia exists not only on the screen of the Imedi TV company, but in the person of their viewers. They can basically be divided into 2 categories: the first, which is part of the Georgian Dream infrastructure, and their business or income prospects are entirely dependent on the existence of this type of Georgia. And the second group, people with not very clear political preferences, especially the elderly, who are terribly tired of 30-year cataclysms and can no longer cope with the mental blows of negative information on their already damaged psyche every day. That is why they are ready to receive good news about their unfulfilled hopes of youth from the TV screen through the TV company Imedi (Nadezhda).

But there is another Georgia, Georgia in which everything is bad, everything is very bad: the economy is collapsing, and most of the people live in extreme poverty; in front of all honest people, terrorists rob banks; and Covid is raging in the country – with the worst rates in the world. What to say about the Brazilian national team, our team managed to lose lose to North Macedonia and even the Faroe Islands. And yes, Ivanishvili is present in this country, is present in everything and everywhere. however, here his concern does not extend to people, but to personal well-being. The population has something to come to despair, because if this continues, then soon it will begin to die not only from disease, but also from hunger.

This is another Georgia that each of us sees not on the Imedi TV channel, but in real life. And each of us understands that Georgia Dreams and real Georgia have nothing in common. The only thing that could become common for these two different Georgians was the elections and their results, but here too we got two different realities: the reality of Imedi, in which the Georgia of dreams won, and the reality of real Georgia, where the majority voted for the opposition.

With two winners, the gap between these two mutually exclusive realities will widen. The winning Dream will sit in parliament and government. And the victorious opposition will remain on the street and try to manage the processes from there. Many, probably, do not realize that these two Georgians may not exist for a long time in such a form as two new years, and at the same time they will cost the country dearly. They do not realize, because we are used to the existence of two parallel realities, choosing double standards in the same person or institution, to the coexistence of two parallel conscience and morality. This has become a kind of incurable virus for the state organism and society of Georgia.

At one time, in critical periods, the Church, with varying success, acted as a bridge between the two Georgians. Due to his own influence, the Patriarch managed to create a single space for cooperation between two different Georgians, which entered the phase of cooperation, not very fruitful, but still united. Today the patriarchy can no longer fulfill this function. This is also because this institution itself has been upsetting the balance for a long time, and the figures acting on its behalf have become bearers of the ideas of the “Georgian Dream” rather than bearers of a unifying idea for a divided society. Therefore, today, not the patriarchy, but the residence of the American ambassador has become the place, they are trying to find common ground, although the proposals of the opposition and the government represent two different realities.

The stopwatch has been on for a long time and time is working against Georgia. Therefore, not only ambassadors and politicians, but we, every citizen of this country, regardless of which part of Georgia we consider ourselves to be, should think hard about how to turn two different realities into one common living space, which is still called Georgia. …

Georgy Targamadze, author’s program “Droeba” on the Formula TV channel