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What plebiscite ?!

What plebiscite ?!

Rumor has it that the opposition has agreed to a plebiscite on early elections. What a plebiscite, people ?! I really hope that this is a fake, don’t you understand that the plebiscite is the main dish of the authorities ?!

Does the opposition really not understand that this is an entrance to parliament from the other side: the government will appoint a plebiscite, and the opposition will calmly take its seats in parliament ?! If so, I have questions about the opposition:

  1. Who will hold this plebiscite and when: that is, during the fierce covid you will go from village to village and explain to the people why you need to hold early elections ?!
  2. How can you convince your voters that the government will not falsify the results of the plebiscite ?!
  3. And which of your supporters will go to this plebiscite ?!
  4. Where do you have the money to run a full-fledged advertising campaign so that voters understand why it is important for a disenchanted, depressed society to go to a plebiscite, how will you convince your voters ?!
  5. Do you understand that the government will once again withdraw all of its administrative resources and once again leave you with nothing ?!

If you understand, but still look for an excuse to go to parliament and are not particularly worried about rigged elections, how are you going to convince your voters of this ?! Is it really incomprehensible that all this looks funny ?! And if we do not forgive the government for cynicism, where do you get the illusion that we (voters) will forgive you ?! I still hope this information is nonsense, but I absolutely had to react so that no fool would come up with the idea of making this nonsense a reality!

Khatuna Lagazidze, GSAC