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Giorgi Rukhadze: Georgia is sick

Giorgi Rukhadze: Georgia is sick

As for the likelihood that the opposition will nevertheless be present at the first session of parliament, I will say this – nothing is impossible, moreover, if you recall the agreement on March 8, March 5, few could imagine that this agreement is possible. But of course, based on what we hear from political leaders, the likelihood that the opposition will take its seats in parliament seems rather vague. If someone from the opposition turns out to be in parliament due to the fact that he changes his position and the unity of the opposition on this issue is violated, this is not an option. Moreover, I think that this will complicate the situation even more.

Yes, there is a point of view among certain politicians. that it is necessary to accept even those concessions from the authorities that they are making now. But none of these politicians would think to make such a decision on their own, as they understand. that it will have to pay too high a political price. Yesterday, opposition leaders underwent a kind of vaccination, saying that in no case would they enter such a parliament.

In fact, there is only one way out – a concession from the authorities and an agreement between the authorities and the opposition. After that, this parliament can work on the implementation of the agreements. to be achieved. So today there is simply no other way out than a compromise based on a concession from the authorities. Perhaps it will appear later, when, for example, we will have a one-party parliament, but this is a completely different story.

Today society sees how the government and the opposition throw power at each other, but nobody thinks about the fact that we are all the government, society and the opposition are sitting in the mud. The problem is not that our authorities and the opposition have nothing to say to each other, the problem is that they cannot speak without intermediaries. Georgia is sick, and there are two ways out – long-term drug treatment or surgery. In 2003, we performed this operation ourselves, today there is hope that it will be performed by a more qualified doctor in the person of our partner countries. They have already expressed their attitude to the elections, and now they are trying to prevent Georgia from looking like North Korea. If the opposition firmly says no, then reality changes, but the task remains. And the only way to solve the problem is early elections.

Giorgi Rukhadze, GSAC