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Land of Lights – an overview of the events of the week in Azerbaijan

Land of Lights – an overview of the events of the week in Azerbaijan

On December 1, President Aliyev addressed the nation and announced the liberation of the Lachin region. Theses from Aliyev’s speech:

  • The Lachin corridor was transferred under the control of Russian peacekeepers. The width of the corridor is 5 km.
  • There were external forces trying to force Azerbaijan to accept 5 regions and forget about the rest of the Azerbaijani lands.
  • There are attempts to interfere with the tripartite statement and violate it. Azerbaijan will show a tough position if there is an attempt to violate the statement.
  • On the battlefield, Azerbaijan returned about 5 thousand square kilometers. lands, the same amount was returned to Azerbaijan by the world. 
  • The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict no longer exists. Those who think otherwise are wrong.
  • People living in Nagorno-Karabakh are citizens of Azerbaijan. They will see that their life within the framework of the Azerbaijani state will be good. They will get rid of this poverty.
  • criticized the actions of the French authorities towards Azerbaijan.
  • The Armenian army has been destroyed.
  • After defining the parameters of the new corridor, the city of Lachin will be returned under the control of Azerbaijan.
  • All refugees will return to their places of residence in Nagorno-Karabakh. This will be the responsibility of the UN.

Commenting on the President’s speech to the portal, Azerbaijani Milli Mejlis deputy Rasim Musabekov noted that “Azerbaijan was able to confirm its leading position in the region not only as an economically strong state and the largest in terms of demography, but also as a strong military power. The strength of the Azerbaijani army is no longer something considered in potential, but the power, confirmed directly on the battlefield. “

Director of the Institute for the Middle East Ali Hajizade in his telegram channel drew attention to the words of Aliyev that “the Armenian side sometimes violates the ceasefire agreement. In fact, this is not a small detail of a large process, it is a very important detail. The President might not have reported this fact, but he did … ”

The deputies of the National Assembly, the lower house of the French parliament, voted for the resolution “on the protection of the Armenian people and Christian communities in Europe and the East.” It also talks about the need to recognize the independence of Nagorno-Karabakh. The press service of the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry issued a statement in connection with the adoption by the French Parliament of a resolution on the recognition of Nagorno-Karabakh. “The French Ambassador to Azerbaijan will be summoned to the Foreign Ministry in connection with the adoption by the French National Assembly of an unfounded and biased resolution. The resolute protest of the Azerbaijani side will be brought to the attention of the other side. “

French Ambassador to Azerbaijan Zachary Gross left a note on his Twitter account. “Everyone needs to understand one thing. The French government recognizes the independence of its parliament, but does not recognize the independence of Nagorno-Karabakh. “

The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry has commented on the visit of French parliamentarians to Nagorno Karabakh. Leyla Abdullayeva, press secretary of the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry: “Visits to the territory of Azerbaijan, including its Nagorno-Karabakh region, must be coordinated with the Azerbaijani government. Individuals who violate the country’s legislation will be subject to appropriate sanctions, and their future visits to the territory of Azerbaijan will be limited. “

The Maiden Tower Telegram channel reacted sharply to this message – why have the Azerbaijani authorities still not settled with the peacekeepers the issue of visiting Azerbaijani territories under the control of the peacekeeping contingent ?! All sorts of engaged personalities, criminals and provocateurs travel to Karabakh. Official Baku is silent.

Commenting on the decision of the French Senate, which was adopted back in November, the director of the Institute of the Middle East Ali Hajizadeh noted the following in an interview with portal: “Baku is indignant in connection with the document adopted by the French Senate and calling for the recognition of the so-called NKR. call to recall the ambassador, others to expel France from the OSCE Minsk Group, etc. I propose to look at the issue more broadly, and then take action, namely, to consider the issue in the context of the French-Turkish confrontation (and now, most likely, the French-Russian confrontation ) and France’s attempts to become a neo-empire.What we are seeing is not the blind support of the Armenians by France, and not the plan of the Armenian diaspora, (although not without them, of course) this is the state policy of France. Unlike most of our citizens, I do not think that the whole process is run by the Armenian lobby in France.Yes, of course, there is a lobby, and it is strong, but there are also the highest interests of France, for which the Armenian diaspora and rmenia is a pawn (as in 1915), and the Karabakh conflict is an instrument for achieving geopolitical goals. Yes, the document is advisory in nature, but any document that has been adopted by such a broad consensus can at a convenient moment receive a completely legitimate status. The main thing is not what the French Foreign Ministry said publicly, but what they will say behind closed doors. I would advise you to look towards Foggy Albion. Britain is the last empire in Europe, after leaving the EU, can finally play (and is already playing a more active role in the region). “

In an interview with Turan agency, political analyst, ex-director of the Center for Strategic Studies under the President of Azerbaijan Farhad Mammadov commented on the possibility of opening a railway to Nakhichevan through the territory of Armenia – “Restoring traffic on the railway section passing through the ninth paragraph of the trilateral Statement (November 10, 2020), possibly without diplomatic relations, since the entire railway in Armenia belongs to Russia, and according to the Statement, the mentioned section is guarded by the Russian border guards. are checked on the Azerbaijani-Russian border, that is, work in the Armenian-populated Karabakh is possible without the participation of Armenia. There are plans to build new roads in Karabakh. From Azerbaijan to Nakhichevan, to Armenia and Turkey, from there our and other countries can send cargoes from there to Europe today. These perhaps It is correct to call it not economic cooperation, but economic contacts. However, full-fledged Armenian-Azerbaijani relations are possible only after the restoration of diplomatic relations between the two countries. “

Former Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan Tofig Zulfugarov commented on the decision on the structure of the presence of the Turkish armed forces in the zone of the Karabakh conflict in his blog: “I think it is correct that the Turkish servicemen will not be on guard duty and patrol service. the region is ensured by participation in a monitoring mission, de facto the presence of the Air Force and the mission of military advisers to the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan. If we add to this the existence of guarantees of the current status for Nakhichevan, enshrined in the Moscow Treaty of 1922, then we have a fairly developed political structure. cooperation and partnership between Turkey and Russia became the main foreign policy factor that ensured our victory.I think that Great Britain will continue to act within the framework of the established algorithm of relations with Turkey and Azerbaijan. politics after Brexit. “

On December 3, the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs (USA, France and Russia) issued a statement in which they welcomed the November 9 agreements and called on Armenia and Azerbaijan to continue to fulfill their obligations under these agreements in full.

The next week will be no less interesting, stay with us
Review prepared by Tamo Dartsmelia, GSAC