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One day left …

One day left …

So where did we happen. An interesting thing happened to us. The GD, represented by its wonderful speaker Irakli K., made an offer to the opposition that cannot be refused:

– count all votes, you can even do it manually

– reform the electoral and judicial system

– get rid of destructive political forces once and for all

Well, who after that will say that the GD is not constructive, is not ready to make compromises, does not want democracy in the country, and so on? In what non-democratic country, and even in a democratic one, does the government offer the opposition and society at least a part of what the EC announced? All this is true, but there is a nuance.

The recount is fine, although evil tongues assert that in the month and a half after the elections, there may be any ballots in the bags. There was more than enough time. Of course, you can look into the honest, open eyes of Irakli K. and just believe him that no one would change the ballots for anything, just like no one changed the protocols. It is possible, but the sediment will still remain.

Regarding the reform of the electoral and judicial systems, do not believe in the sincere desire of our authorities to conduct them, of course, bad manners. But even here I am tormented by vague doubts, how is it that in eight years of being in power, the GM did not carry out these very reforms even with a constitutional majority, and now it will suddenly take it and carry it out. Why did it happen?

And finally, regarding the destructive political forces, here Irakli K. was clearly misled. Mikhail S. about whom Irakli K. spoke about is not only a chairman, but even a member of the UNM. So there are no foreign citizens in the UNM. Of course, some of the foreigners may consider themselves a member of the UNM, but this is absolutely impossible. Over the 22 years of the party’s existence (do not be surprised, the UNM was founded in 1998), the apparatus has not managed to create a clear database of its members (although there have been attempts). So there is no fixed membership in the UNM, which means that the presence of foreign citizens in the members and polynomials there is absolutely impossible. Yes, and the main destructive force today is not the UNM, but the EG, and there Saakashvili is definitely not in business. And one more thing, if the nationals do not enter parliament, the GD will definitely not be able to fulfill any of its promises, since it will not have a constitutional majority. So maybe that’s what they are trying to achieve.

And now, seriously, the alignment is as follows. Part of the GD is ready to promise to carry out reforms under the guarantees of the US and the EU, as you know, a promise does not mean getting married. The other part is not even ready for this, and prefers a one-party parliament to any obligations, regardless of reputation losses. Apparently Bidzina Ivanishvili belongs to the second part.

On the one hand, Europeans and Americans do not believe in the adherence to principles of the opposition and the seriousness of violations at the elections, hence the catch phrase – they falsified for thirty years, and now they are outraged. On the other hand, they prefer to maintain stability in Georgia without additional obligations. And the point is not that they are busy with their own problems, but that the situation that has developed in the South Caucasus and the Middle East as a whole requires Georgia to maintain loyalty here and now, out of the loop – we’ll figure it out later. And finally, the fact that the GD has friends and sympathizers among the diplomatic corps in Georgia is also no secret. At the same time, the opposition’s non-recognition of the election results puts our Western partners in an extremely uncomfortable position. After all, if someone in the corridors of power in Washington and even Brussels could say a catch phrase about Saakashvili that was once said about Somoza, then even this cannot be said about Ivanishvili.

So the opposition today, two days before the elections, has a simple dilemma – to enter parliament, pretending that they believed the GM’s promises and not create discomfort with their stubbornness for the Europeans and Americans who are dealing with us, as well as representatives of international organizations, or do they create this discomfort, stubbornly proving their case and seeking regime change. The choice is theirs, there is only one day left …

Gela Vasadze, GSAC