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What did we do wrong

What did we do wrong

Let’s talk about Irakli Bebua. I will not talk about international law, sovereignty, territorial integrity, or even humanism. This case is a slap in the face to all of us, citizens of Georgia, and the fact that our government is formal or informal, does not feel this slap in the face, only means that they have long atrophied what they call honor and dignity.

Often, at the level of informal conversations, one can hear – well, what can be done here, we cannot fight with the Russian Federation, and they hid behind their backs and do whatever they want. As for whether we can fight with the Russian Federation, the question is strange – we can or cannot, they are fighting with us. And they are fighting us quite successfully, and the obvious resource advantage of the Russian Federation in the war is far from being a decisive factor.

We did not build Anaklia, which could become the most important component of the Black Sea security. It was we who blocked the construction of Khudoni and are now blocking the construction of the Namakhvani hydroelectric power station, preferring to exploit the Soviet legacy of the Inguri hydroelectric power station and thus created a hub for the production of bitcoins in occupied Abkhazia. Although here whose cow would bellow, we have a huge plant in Tbilisi that produces the same bitcoins at our expense and nothing is buzzing. We prefer not to notice the work of the Frontera company, which has been telling us for more than three years that there is gas in Georgia, it needs to be produced, but we are not given it. Instead of demanding a clear answer from the government as to why this is happening, we prefer to consider it all a hoax and a scam. We prefer not to notice what is happening in the region and have replaced the real policy of ensuring our security by repeating the mantras about North Atlantic integration, preferring to be content with the programs that we have and rejoicing that we have added three more programs.

And finally, instead of spending resources on evacuating and creating normal living conditions for our humiliated and disenfranchised citizens in the Gali and Akhalgori regions, we prefer to spend resources on “integration programs with brothers” in the occupied territories. The shallow tremor of the patriotic paroxysm of those who believe that our citizens should remain there in the position of hostages, otherwise we will “lose territory” now interests me least of all. The argument – they say they won’t leave is also untenable, depending on what they offer, they won’t leave for an empty space in the corners of the hostels, of course. Will anyone discuss this issue – no, they will not. And why, everyone is happy with everything. Only Irakli Bebua did not suit, for which he received nine years in an Abkhaz prison.

Nobody will respect you if you don’t respect yourself.

Gela Vasadze, GSAC